Master the enterprise formal gown code with these 100 outfit concepts. This type information will present you find out how to create outfits with your personal garments. The vogue matching strategies proven right here can have you trying like an expert in the office very quickly.

Take a more in-depth have a look at this capsule:

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  1. I'm going at an event where the dresscode is "smart business". Do you think I can wear any of this outfits? Please help me I really have no idea 🙁

  2. I really like your accent!! Not trying to be a debbie downer but I froze the video and counted some of the same exact outfits. So I'm not sure it's really 100, but its more than 14 and that's very helpful!

  3. Daria, Your videos are executed so beautifully! Will you please do a capsule wardrobe with a $600 USD budget? I want to get out of the fast fashion mindset. I’m new to this sustainable wardrobe, but now that I’m aware I can only wonder if I can afford beautiful sustainable fashion like the wardrobes that you curate in your videos. Please help!

  4. Спасибо за видео, и за субтитры! Давно искала вдохновение для сбора капсульного гардероба. ☺️

  5. What are the best materials to wear for suites in winter and summer? I've watched your fabric playlist but I'm still not entirely sure what would work best for suites.

  6. Hey Daria. Thank you for creating this video 🙂
    Did you use sustainable brands in this video ? I really like the suits and would like to know whether they actually fit a sustainable wardrobe 🙂

  7. dear Daria, do you consider pleated skirt/cullote, sleeveless cardigan, and blouse/shirt dress with belt combined with bottom as formal enough? Given they have no crazy details and with fine materials. I will appreciate very much if you reply

  8. Дарья! Это видео просто потрясающее! Правда! У вас свой необычный стиль, неповторимый!
    Очень хочется увидеть новое аналогичное видео – бизнес-гардероб на весну! Я думаю это будет супер интересно всем зрителям вашего канала! Спасибо!

  9. i am always so unsure about the right lengths, how can I see if the thoursers are not to long or to short? thank you

  10. Добрый день! У меня уже есть коричневый костюм. Какого цвета выбрать второй, чтобы они были сочетаемы по частям! Спасибо!

  11. Hi! This video was great! I love how you manage to combine everything 😉
    And I love the editing style. What software do you use to edit your video?


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