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We are again but once more for some extra Roblox avatar methods however this time we’re going to be testing all the new/newest layered clothes avatar methods! These are all model new and they’re actually humorous!


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  1. Wait I have the monke outfit I saw people start wearing it and I was confused why people copied me know I know why XD
    Edit: thereโ€™s an item called the big top hat and it goes on big head items and it looks really funny

  2. Just wanted to say for the P90 you used in your Bad Business background gameplay I would recommend trying the Coyote sight seeing that you own the reflex you should have to unlocked and if you pair it with a muzzle like the Monolithic Silencer youโ€™ll be able to absolutely beam people. For the rest of the attachments if you are going to stick to the stock mag which has 50 bullets you so like use sleight of hand for the better reload time and maybe a barrel which will also extend your range on top of the silencer. I forgot the name but one of the barrels has a core rip rail which you can use to attach an under barrel if you canโ€™t handle the recoil but then again the p90 has little to no recoil. As for the rest of the setup the P90 is good all around with practically anything.

    Other than my growing Bad Business addiction great content love the monkey one lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Keep it up SharkBlox! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Tip: you can make the monkey fatter by putting on the Orion arms 250 robux and baggy oof shirt 60 robux and black jumpsuit pants to make it bigger and fatter

  4. I found something out but I don't know if somebody else has already made a vid abt it, if you wear on of the suits that cover your torso arms and legs, which would be in the jackets section, you can equip anything from the trousers section and make the leg part baggy


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