Kim Kardashian put in some severe work to make her 2022 Met Gala look come to life! The actuality star informed Vogue on the Met Gala purple carpet that she misplaced 16 lbs. to match into the well-known costume worn by Marilyn Monroe as she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

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  1. I just feel like she should never have worn that dress. Marilyn is sacred. That's something that should just not have happened. It's a bit narcissistic to me. Not everything has to be about her and Marilyn is iconic and on another level. It's just insulting really.

  2. Everyone calling Kim brave when they should be calling her out for totally disrespecting a true icon!

    Also: as someone pointed out, the dress was made to match Marilyn's skin tone thereby creating a naked illusion. It looked off on Kim and there was no illusion. If she wanted to honor Marilyn, she could have had a replica made in HER skin tone…

  3. Kim wearing this dress fit the theme very well. The Gilded Age is known for being a time when a veneer of value and beauty was covering up the actual rot and decay that existed in society. Having something precious (this dress) covering something trashy fits. It shouldn't have happened, but it fits the theme.

  4. I'm sorry, but isn't it "her body her choice"? Or does that go out the window because her last name is Kardashian? Kim is not responsible for your feelings. If someone is negatively effected by her losing weight in a short amount of time and is thinking this is normal and they need to do it, they need to seek help from a professional. There are a bunch of people who have to lose weight drastically and no one bats an eyelash. For example, bodybuilders/bikini competitors, actors/actresses, or even just a woman trying to fit in a wedding dress. I completely understand that Kim should not have been wearing the dress in general for historical purposes. If the dress was in an actual museum and not Ripley's, they would have never allowed the dress to be worn.

  5. How dare you report her losing 16 pounds in 3 weeks like it's something amazing we should be praising her for, it's disgusting to frame it that way when so many of her fans are young, impressionable, and are gonna learn the wrong lesson about her experience, which is basically "look! i thought this dress was amazing! but i didn't fit in it so i have to change my body in an unhealthy way to look good in the clothes i want!" gross, that's an awful and backwards message to send out to her fans and the fashion world

  6. Marilyn Monroe just had this natural beauty, grace and feminity mix with a vulnerability that can’t be copied because it was not an act she was herself and she didn’t see herself. That’s why she’s a legend.

  7. I roll my eyes.
    I think all of you are being dramatic and overeating.

    Scientifically, it is obvious she cannot, fit into Monroe's dress because their statistics is different, no matter how much weight Kim lost.

    Besides, if truly you know about the dress, it's said to already be so delicate,it has holes in some places that's beyond repair and what not. So if she wore it, we would have seen all the deformities.

    This is a little white lie that has got you all breathing steam for nothing.

    Also, even if by some miracle (highly unlikely) if, which I strongly doubt! So what if Kim wore Monroe's dress, isn't it to honour the late actress. What did Kim do? Did she murder, rape, steal, abuse or commit an unimaginable crime?
    Is Monroe a saint herself? Did she die a virgin? Or for a just cause? That no one, much LESS, THE Kardashians cannot wear her dress.

    If you want to argue based on the delicacy of the dress, and it's rarity, I understand. But just because a fellow human wore it, you're being venomous, please stop.

  8. Kim Kim, she should be ashamed of herself. Marilyn Monroe is a legend who's dress deserves to be respected.

    Kim k always tries to be the new Marilyn Monroe and she's farthest from Marilyn.
    Just because Kim k has a big chest, and a small waist and a fake big booty does not make you the new Marilyn Monroe.
    Marilyn Monroe tried to escape being sexualized so much she started her own film production company to do her own movies to escape the sexualized trap she was trapped in.

    Have respect for Marilyn Monroe for God sake, let her rest in peace.

  9. Kim K desecrated this historic dress. She doesn’t hold a candle to Marilyn – looks, personality or talent. Marilyn had beautiful, natural curves. She’s one of the last people who should be wearing this legendary dress.