BLACKPINK Jennie slays within the Paris Fashion Week earlier, when she wore an all black chanel outfit that SHOCKED Netizens due to her fierce look with it. Not solely Jennie Kim may be very trendy, however her magnificence is head turning.


  1. When She attend at her first ever Chanel Fashion Week all the photographers only call her Miss, Now they Call her by her name JENNIE!!! and that's when you know that you have now a strong foundation in a fashion industry!

  2. On March 8th, Jennie attended Chanel's Fall Winter 2022/23 Ready-to-Wear at Paris Fashion Week. Later, the female idol updated her personal Instagram with new photos in the simple yet stunning and elegant black Chanel outfit. In the photos, Jennie flaunts her surreal and attractive body, especially her 90-degree shoulders and exceptionally tiny waist. She once again strengthens her status as the "Human Chanel." Netizens are amazed by Jennie's visuals and figure, leaving comments such as, "Jennie is so chic", "How is that body real", "She's so hot", "She has no belly fat", etc.

  3. Today on March 8th, Chanel will introduce the Fall/Winter 2022 collection to the fashion world. In addition to the brand new designs, the lineup of guests and ambassadors present at the event also attracted the attention of a large audience. The gorgeous ambassador from Korea, Jennie Kim, continued to be a familiar face at the show. The last time Jennie appeared in a red tweed sleeveless top and mini skirt set, this time, she has a completely different style. Cutie is exactly what pops up in viewers' minds when they see Jennie in a pure black set including a crop top, mini skirt and jacket. She looks extremely cute with two hair bunches, her feet are wearing lace white socks and cute high-heel sandals. Once again, Jennie surprised fans with a completely different image from the last time. Despite her cuteness, the idol still looks attractive and sexy with her small waist and slim legs!