TODAY I WILL BE TRYING OUT “OUTFITS” THAT FOR SOME REASON everybody retains hyping up cough cough WITH THE HOPES THAT I WILL ANSWER HUMANITY’S BIGGEST INQUIRY: is Kendall Jenner actually a method icon, or is she simply skinny? JOIN ME ON TODAY’S EPISODE OF I HATE KNEE LENGTH SHORTS

Recently on tiktok, recreating “legendary” model icons suits has been a giant subject, so I, a median woman, wished to check out these fundamental seems to be to see if the outfit was truly good or if it was simply the woman’s construct. If you go on Pinterest and even on social media searching for “vintage, depop rare” impressed outfits, evidently a big majority of the ladies repping such outfits are tremendous slim, tall and rocking abs as an adjunct. Even so, Brandy Melville is likely one of the hottest manufacturers out proper now, and lots of are beginning to realise it is one measurement suits all coverage is moderately… unfitting (womp womp). Are these seems to be a overrated or tremendous cute??? LET’S FIND OUT AND HURT MY OWN FEELINGS WHILE WE AT IT

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  1. FOR THE RECORD: I love my body!! Secondly, at no point am I trying to say I have it hard. People who are plus size have it SO DIFFICULT because of annoying dumbasses, and my point is that it needs to stop lmao. LASTLY, minimalism in clothing is great — i love hyein seo and heliot Emil for example !!! My reason for bringing up basic fits was that people should look into ALL STYLES rather than what’s up and POPPIN right now. GET CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN, NOT TRY TO FIT IN ❤️

    Enjoy me LOWKEY egging on Kendall Jenner for 15 mins straight (love her pink iamgia outfits thooo)

  2. I'm curvy, NOT PLUS SIZED but I have to buy plus size clothing because shops where I'm at don't cater to my body type. I have wide hips and a super small waist (which I'm grateful for) but plus sized jeans are the only ones that fit over my hips so I have to compromise clothes fitting over them looking flattering.

    I've started posting my outfits on Pinterest for curvy/chubby girls to show them they're not ugly and they can rock their style. I'll link it if people want it.

  3. ✨being skinny does not assure a free pass to fit beauty standards and gained confidence, why u ask ? because beauty standards today are absolutely ridiculous ✨do not compare ur self to what other people go through✨every insecurity is valid ✨ do not invalidate peoples insecurities just cuz you think they look fine to you or cuz u think u have it worse ✨ anyone will always have it worse but that don’t mean your insecurity matters more than another or that your insecurity doesn’t matter ✨ you can acknowledge other people’s struggles AND also feel for your own insecurity ✨this isn’t a fight for who has it worse ✨ just get together and fight for one cause ✨ the goal to normalize unperfect bodies , because all bodies are built different ✨and people gotta understand ✨

  4. Could people please stop commenting on whether she’s actually skinny or not? Maybe she had body dysmorphia and doesn’t see herself as thin. Y’all are kind of just invalidating her experience by going off about how she’s actually skinny. If you’ve got an issue with it, keep it to yourself instead of potentially causing harm to someone else for invalidating there experience.

  5. I loved your examples with Ashley and Tess! There IS work to be done in this society. You made such an entertaining video but with such intuitive commentary.

    Definitely subscribing! Lol

  6. i live on alt-tiktok and i absolutely cannot help but UGLY CACKLE at ppl thinking white tshirt and jeans are fashionable😭🤚🏼 like fucking PLEASEEE💀don’t get it twisted y’all i’m not hating bc i also wear a (black) tshirt and jeans but i don’t think i’m at peak fashion while i’m wearing it😭😂 lmfaooo

  7. You're definitely skinny. You could easily flatten your stomach even more by just changing your posture and sucking in.

    Also, if you constantly suck in your stomach, eventually you train your muscles to do it automatically.

    But please stop telling your almost million (btw congrats! That number is only going up!!) young subs that you aren't skinny. Obviously you have the right to feel however you want about your body.. but when skinny people say they aren't skinny, it just reinforces the body issues most women have.

  8. "I'm not skinny".. Ehm.. Yes, you are. It says a lot about society's beauty standards when you think you're not. It's actually kind of sad.


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