I’ve tried styling garments I would by no means put on, styling garments from upopular manufacturers, and I tried styling garments I hate for every week, however at the moment I’m doing a method swap with my grandma and attempting to fashion my grandma’s garments into on development outfits! Thank you to Hollister for sponsoring this video! https://www.hollisterco.com/shop/us/girls-jeans-bottoms?cmp=YT:sierra:F:jeans

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  1. You actually do look amazing in everything. It’s kind of unfair lol You can make anything work and always seem to pull off the craziest things!

  2. So glad to see Hollister has extended their sizing range. Back when I was in school and it was all the rage it was a big bummer when I realized that I didn’t fit into any jeans in their store (my local store capped off at size 11). I remember being so embarrassed going shopping with my friends and not being able to try their clothes on together like I could in other stores. Glad that size inclusivity is growing for the younger girls out there!

  3. I thought the last outfit was the best, but I also liked the cardigan one and the swim shorts one. Great idea and lots of fun to watch! Thanks Sierra! Blessings all!!!!! 💜💜

  4. Grandma Ann:Thanks but no thanks😌

    Grandma Terry:No but thank you for asking☺️

    Grandma Suzie:How?I'm in Utah your in New york🤔

    Me:Welp I tried😅

  5. Disappointed you partnered with Hollister who promoted “the thigh gap” guess they’re trying to find that around, by partnering with body positive influence. Their past doesn’t reflect this though… love you Sierra every brand has the right to change I guess.


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