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  1. bro as an American i wish there was more British ppl personalities ig u can say like freya here cuz all we got is taki and wana be hard girls😤

  2. there was only 1 problem i had with this video and i know she probably didn’t mean it but sometimes girls who have tits want to wear shirts like that not as a hoe type of thing. like i want to wear v-cut shirts because it’s a cute style but it’s hard because i always get called a slut or something because i have cleavage showing. but i loved the video otherwise💗

  3. 1. 6/10
    it's an amazing outfit but personally it seemed quite plain with just a white shirt but still looked amazing

    2. 9.3/10
    Absolutely adorable and a amazing match, love the dress, love the top, but personally I would change the shoes (Not hating the shoes are awesome) just not with that outfit

    3. 9.4/10
    changing it up with a plaid shirt and a skirt a it matches perfectly and the boots suit the outfit and so does the necklaces

    4. 6/10
    While it's a nice outfit, the top and the mesh top below look amazing together and it goes together well, to me it seems a little bit dull..

    5. 9/10
    It's such an amazing outfit, the shoes go really well, the top looks amazing but I agree with freya about the jeans like it looks amazing but maybe not those jeans?

    6. 7/10
    It's very basic but it's nice that its basic because there is not a lot going on and not alot to have to try and pick out bad aspects, the sunglasses go really well but maybe a change in the top below?

    (These are all just my suggestions but freya still looks stunning in all!)


    Still going strong and it's almost been ten years like dammnnn, they still flirting and they still being adorable together. This is how I aspire my future relationship to be 🥺💛

  5. Hm this is acully pretty hard but i whould rate, nr1 solid 7, nr2 solid 9, nr3 is a 10 from me, nr4 8,3, nr5 is a solid 9,6, nr6 8,6. Hope you like my ratings off your styling keep up the nice work, you doing great. Josh is a wery lucky man to have a girl like you.

  6. I love that you made this video! I always struggled with finding outfit inspiration until I stumbled across your videos! I love the tomboy and more relaxed look while still looking cool and stylish! You've got me into wearing a shirt over a mesh long-sleeve and I love it!

  7. Love the video frey and I love all the outfits <3 but from personal preference I'd sayyyyy:
    1. 3rd outfit
    2. 5th outfit
    3. 2nd outfit
    4. 1st outfit
    5. 6th outfit
    6. 4th outfit


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