I let TIKTOK pick my FASHION SHOW OUTFIT in Fortnite…

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  1. U julian are you girls and right now goals your are ugly you're not a duck ugly but like you're good at work right like how can you get all that kills from fortnite and you cannot even beat like he go but Chico both of you guys and God like don't style or bad guys like when people cuz you cuz every day o laserlyte what the heck is and I'm like okay stop saying cuss words will you say a cuss word everyday I'm not going to tell you to stop I don't text you being like stop saying cuss words because I'll really know you still know you cuz you are my channel and you and I want you and I watched ego sisi tiko and you don't even text me the like are you okay car Angelo nadie car Angelo know you you don't know me I'm Julian notice me you don't have to text me but I know it take I want to go I want to go and I don't know how to spell you because you are a good player at fortnite like this is how I want to get my Xbox back so I can play fortnite with you but my mom take it away and you're not coming so my house again cuz I know what you're going to do but I got to get some some slime no flying just Play-Doh get some Play-Doh so I can play with the Play-Doh Play-Doh eggs fun with me I want to play with it but only things that I want to do is for God I want to call God I want to save my dad you know how I love my dad so much but by


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