We study one in every of Kyle’s first {custom} fits, his likes and dislikes, and what he’ll have in mind for future {custom} purchases: (*5*)

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β†’ Script: Kyle Thibodeaux & Jack Collins
β†’ Camera: Chris Dummer
β†’ Editing: Jonathan Oster
β†’ Visual Supervision: Jack Collins & Preston Schlueter

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00:00 Custom Suit Review Introduction

During our previous dwell streams, we acquired a lot of feedback and requests to indicate off a few of our very first custom-made clothes items and we thought it was a nice thought!

00:49 What Kind of “Custom” Suit?

It’s a made-to-order swimsuit from Indochino. It isn’t a totally bespoke swimsuit from a Savile Row tailor however on the similar time, it’s not a available off-the-rack swimsuit both. Also, it isn’t Kyle’s very first {custom} swimsuit. That swimsuit was a strong navy swimsuit from Brooks Brothers however because it not matches, it didn’t really feel like your best option for this video.

01:50 Indochino Background

Indochino was based in 2007 by Heikal Gani and Kyle Vucko. Originally, the corporate was on-line solely. Now, that is nonetheless the case at this time, as Indochino has opened round 50 brick-and-mortar areas in America and Canada.

As of 2021, Indochino has additionally partnered with the division retailer, Nordstrom, the place over 20 areas now bear an in-store Indochino. Since the corporate began up, they’ve been a large supply of dialog within the menswear world due to their total β€œaffordability” advertising.

03:23 Kyle’s Custom Suit Details: Jacket

The swimsuit is a made-to-order double-breasted 3 piece swimsuit. It is made in a navy pinstripe. The jacket is constructed in a conventional 6 X 2 stance, with lapels that aren’t too extensive. The jacket is lined in a paisley sample. The remainder of the jacket is kind of conventional, in that it has double vents on the rear, a straight welted breast pocket, and flapped hip pockets which are minimize at an angle.

04:54 Waistcoat (Vest)
Just just like the jacket, the waistcoat is a double-breasted closure however in contrast to the jacket, it doesn’t have lapels.

05:29 Trousers (Pants)
The swimsuit trousers characteristic a Side Tab closure and a flat entrance end with no cuff.

05:40 An Explanation of Kyle’s Choices

The double-breasted choice stays one in every of Kyle’s favourite swimsuit jacket options and appears nice on somebody with broad shoulders and chest too. Kyle made it a three-piece as he likes the choice to stay showing β€œdressed” or β€œput-together” even when he removes the jacket.

As for the material, Kyle has worn the swimsuit in varied seasons (besides summer season) however primarily selected it for its weight and heat for cooler months.

06:52 Kyle’s Likes & Dislikes

β†’ coloration and sample he selected. It feels fairly timeless and true to Kyle and his character.
β†’ the DB characteristic continues to be his favourite. Although he sometimes wears non DB

07:17 What Would Kyle Change About The Suit Today?

β†’ As Kyle’s measurement shifted through the years, the facet tab closure turned much less efficient versus belt loops.
β†’ To buy the trousers with belt loops or purchase a 2nd pair with belt loops.
β†’ Purchase the identical sample & coloration with a lighter material.

We hope you all loved the video, and we’re curious: We marvel what your first {custom} swimsuit experiences had been like? Let us know within the feedback beneath! And, for those who’d wish to see anybody else on the Gentleman’s Gazette do the identical factor and speak about their first {custom} swimsuit experiences, Let us know too!

08:04 Outfit Rundown


  1. When I married 45 years ago I made my husband an Oxford grey pinstripe 3 piece suit for the wedding. It took almost a month to make and tailor just right. I came to fully appreciate the labor and dedication involved in men's tailoring.
    A year later he had gained 40 pounds and the suit went to the back of the closet for good. He's now my ex by the way.

  2. My first suit was relatively expensive for me at the time. Something like 500-600. Bought it for graduation and prom. I saw my friend wearing a suit from the same place and had to have that brand. Years later after not wearing it in a long time I learned it was 100% polyester. That infuriated me. It’s basically the cheapest of the cheap. I would’ve gotten better quality buying a suit from target. That’s sad. I’ve bought other suits from that brand before and they were never made out of polyester. Always wool or cotton. Sometimes a little elastane or other stretchy material to give some stretch. But if I truly had to go get affordable suits I would probably go with suit supply or studio suits. Studio suits has a massive 40+ Harris tweed fabric selection. I like a good 30 of them. I want them all! And the donegal fabrics as well. I just can’t get enough tweed. I’d probably even go with a lightweight linen and wool/silk/cotton tweed blend for the warmer months.

  3. That's a sharp-looking double-breasted suit brother. My first custom suit was actually customized for someone else. I picked it up at a thrift store and it fit me perfectly. The only thing I changed was the pant length but, other than that it fit perfectly and I look like a million bucks

  4. Great review! Great suit, too!
    Agree with your comments and perspective on the DB suit jacket. Always a visual of substance for those of us with the substantial dimensions to pull it off in the first place.
    Curious for the choice of loops rather than brace buttons (or both!).
    Are braces not to your liking, in general?