How to type fight boots with 6 seems for inspiration. Men’s trend and elegance outfit suggestions.

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Look 1:
Coach Leather Biker Jacket (related)
Urban Outfitters Black Waffle Longsleeve
Mango Black Jeans
AF Black Combat Boot

Look 2:
Uniqlo Workwear Jacket
H&M turtleneck (related)
ESNTLS Cargo Pants
AF Brown Combat Boot

Look 3:
H&M Navy Trenchcoat (related)
Mango Denim Shirt
Paige Colored Jeans (related)
AF Blue Combate Boot

Look 4:
John Elliot Bomber Jacket (related)
Rag & Bone Hoodie
Diesel Jeans
AF Black Combat Boot

Look 5:
H&M Overcoat
Brooks Brothers Sweater
AG Ripped Jeans (related)
Express Belt
AF Brown Combat Boot

Look 6:
Uniqlo Denim Jacket
Scotch & Soda Turtleneck (related)
Club Monaco Raw Denim Jeans
AF Blue Combate Boot


FTC: This video is just not sponsored. I do nonetheless make income from the adverts that have been performed and the affiliate hyperlinks to the merchandise listed above.


  1. This is awesome. I don't have a lot of the exact pieces you have but I have some similar pieces (Nvy peacoat instead of a Navy Tenchcoat) but I can sub out some of the pieces.and achieve a "similar" look.

  2. Do you wear any Levi’s jeans in particular??
    Can you do another video in some Levi’s jeans in particular tucked into the combat boots, shirt tucked in wearing that fully zipped up leather biker jacket??? Show full front and backsides too

  3. I was under the impression that Europeans have been mastering the denim jacket look for a very long time. I think they have it down good and is a staple in European countries. Am I right?I know the Austrians were rocking that look back in the seventies especially the girls.Do you know about this movie. I was all into it. The Wall had not come down yet and David Bowie had the German version of "Heroes". I just wanted to see how Berliners got wasted and it was more than that. It was before you existed though. It's always stayed with me. I'm sure it was a big hit worldwide but not in America. Peace.

  4. Hey Marcel. I would love to see you do a video that breaks down your ideas on "appropriate style" You talked about making fashion choices which based on your environment. I want to see a video which shows me how to make fashion choices based on the people I'm around. Do I style to fit it. Do I style to stand out. When, and how do I make those choices. What are the most common situations. What are the main themes for standing out, or blending in etc. I love your content.

  5. I respect your Chanel cuz you don’t try and dictate fashion. You started by saying take my idea and warp it to yours. This is important cuz we all have style but could take inspiration from others

  6. I smashed the like button already, you're welcome.

    Dude, can you please do a video on work/office attire? Would super appreciate that!


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