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*AnaCaptainslogue by Noir Et Blanc Vie
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  1. I opened the description box, and said, "Wow I had no idea she had another channel, why doesn't she ever mention it?!" Well there's my answer, it's brand new. Subscribed. 🙂

  2. It's so interesting to hear what other people create as uniforms and what they define as their wild cards in their style. For me, tops, shoes and accessories are very, very minimal (accommodating the girls is a hassle, if I find something that fits well, I'll be buried in it) but bottoms is where I add variety and can dress up or down. It's also the part of my body I'm most confident in showing more or showing less, so it's a win-win for me.

  3. Really enjoying your content on this Chanel in 2021. Your minimalist wardrobe content is just so helpful as I try to curate my own wardrobe and find my own style. After 3 years I’ve finally de cluttered my fantasy self and am becoming more real and your content this year has been so helpful.

  4. I'm kind of repeating outfits out of necessity at the moment, turns out adding 10 Covid Kilograms to my frame has narrowed my range of clothes that fit quite a bit hahaha!

  5. Trust me, our egos lead us to believe that other people are paying way more attention to us than they actually are. Most people will never notice if you’re repeating outfits. Almost everyone does it. I couldn’t even tell you what my friends or coworkers wear from one day to the next. Can you? (Rhetorical)

  6. Ignore ppl. & their opinions. At my first office job, these co-workers said: you must spend all your money on clothes, you have so many. Meanwhile I had maybe 13 items, bc I just got out of college (broke) Just great at mix & match🌝 Yes, a cool collection of shoes helps. Always on sale at swanky boutiques 🌺

  7. I adore your content! Can not tell you how excited I was to find your channel a few weeks ago. I've not related to anyones fashion content as much as yours before, and it's so inspiring to see! I have also maticulously documented my minimalist wardrobe in journals for years, and always felt embaressed about it, but after finding your content I felt confident enough to start my own blog to unashamedly document my wardrobe for anyone that wishes to see!

  8. For about five years I posted my outfit on instagram every day and I was determined to outfit repeat as little as possible to make that page interesting, I've been trying to get comfortable outfit repeating since then, and I stopped doing that instagram, it wasn't serving me anymore

  9. i used to care so much about repeating outfits. lately ive been repeating the same jeans and top 2-3 times a week when i go to work and no one even cares or notices lol it was just all in my head

  10. I was shocked when I found out that there really are people who refuse to repeat outfits. I thought everyone is an outfit repeater, like, how many pair of pants could a person have?! But I never minded wearing the same things over and over. If I feel and look good in something, it's only logical to want to wear those outfits repeatedly.

  11. I just want to say your channel has become my favorite. I always get something out of your videos, whether that be information, humor or peacefulness, but usually all three 🙂

  12. Omg, so excited for the new channel. Already subscribed and about to watch the video you uploaded there 😊
    Amazing video as always! I live for your humour, so funny reading the texts that appear during the video 😂

  13. I am finally on a mission this year to find my authentic style. I’m 54 and feel like my head is still stuck in my 34 year old fascination with J.Jill. I was also a tiny ballerina back then and my new body deserves to be respected. Looking forward to your “tips and tricks” for owning a minimal but authentic quality wardrobe. 👘🥾💃🏻

  14. Whenever I see a video like this, I would really love to have a very small wardrobe. Despite not being 100% sure about my style yet and not even having the budget for investment pieces (or not often, when I have to do a whole overhaul because nothing is quite right) – I am a student who is unable to have a job because I am sincerely bad at everything that doesn't require a degree and I don't have a driver's license due to the same lack of certain qualities – there is this:

    I just love too much. Like, I love wearing the whole rainbow. And it's shades and tints. I love embellishment, puff sleeves of all shapes, prints, patterns, bling, crop tops, oversized drapey silk blouses – I just love too much and I wouldn't know what to exclude. That said, I do only buy/make those things that I love and think of combo's anyway. So I am not the worst and despite having a colourful taste I will never have a huge wardrobe. But way more than a 20-something piece wardrobe, still.


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