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Simple, fast with a quick clarification as to what occurred to my add schedule, that stated Legends of the West is not going wherever which of coarse means voting is open once more! Follow these pointers to be certain your vote counts!

-Requests have to be singular per remark, as in in your request to be counted it can not include multiple Request inside the remark.
-Search via the feedback made already and insure your request was not already made by one other Radical Viewer, if it has hit that like button to vote for it.
-Specify if you need it carried out through Online or Single Player
-Top voted remark by Thursday will probably be our winner! Any ties will probably be resolved through random probability and proven on the video.
-Any violations of these pointers, makes an attempt to argue with the YouTuber or just disrespectful and/or heinous hateful feedback will probably be deleted, continued abuse will consequence in a remark ban for an undetermined quantity of time.
-Be respectful, have enjoyable and keep Radical Viewers!

Recorded on Xbox One with Elgato HD60 Pro

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Edited with Wondershare Filmora

The Lone Ranger is property of Classic Media and Disney (which in all probability means I’ll be hit with a copyright for this).


  1. Well its technically Thursday now so I can pick a winner! Honestly if it wasn't for late night editing and Division 2 clan stuff I'd be dead asleep by now haha.
    Our winner by the by is Ethan Reilly's request for High Plains Drifter in Single Player! Another Clint Eastwood classic finds its way into my little series! Easy one too if I'm thinking of the right movie.

  2. Now i know you dont take request but i just thought this would be fun. When i was little me and my paps watched batman the animated series. My favorite episode is called showdown. There's a character called Jonah Hex. If you could do him that be cool but if not thats okay too.

  3. Dude….we chose to use almost the same things…I only used the winter duster which is all torn up so its perfect and I used the thight shirt that costs 3 gold to have the neck all clear and still wearing the neckerchief more closely with John, but youres came out much better, didn't know that shirt would've showed the neckerchief😃👍

  4. Do you think you could try to do Edgar Ross’s Story and Epilogue outfits from RDR1?

    You can do it as Arthur or John.


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