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This is predicated on my exsiting t-shirt tutorial
See the sample there

Just to have some enjoyable with stitching.

After this video I’ll be taking a break. I’ll be out of city so see you once more in about three weeks time.
I’ll nonetheless log on to test feedback every so often.


  1. Hi there…love ur T-Shirt tutorial with the cute flowers n the head band. I no..I'm late on seeing thr T-shirt tutorial..I'm new to d Pullip n Blythe dolls world..Can u please tell me where u bought all those cute flowers from? I hvent touch a sewing machine in years..with all ur tutorials on making outfits 4ur cute Pullips.. I took out my sewing machine from it storage corner in my closet. I want to try to sew clothes n accessories for my three Pullip Girls too..I appreciate all that u do for us😘

  2. i was just watching this and it got me thinking, don't you think it amazing just how big a pullips head is? i mean when she was sewing the head band it was bigger than her hand.
    but in some ways big heads make them cuter don't you think?
    and great vid again. i don't like flowers that much but that top looked cute X)

  3. Hey Yunie i've got a question du you ever heard from Monster high ? If yes do you think Monster high and Pullip dolls have the same size if you dont hear from them dont answer.

  4. You should totaly enter Bratz Next Top Model. But they only accept Monster High dolls, Bratz, old or new, and Moxie. And they have to be girls. Well, maybe you could enter one with pullip chelsa's. I think that's how you spell it.

  5. Hey do you give your dolls last names too? Cuz I do, I donna I love my dolls too. I like your channel. & I hope to see more videos from you. I don't have any philp dolls, but barbies&kens. Well, anyways I love your channel yunie, but I wanna see more boys clothes tutorials. Because my barbies has more clothes than my kens. Other than that, thank you for making your videos & good bye. Sincerely your subscriber Cali.


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