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  1. Great Video ☺️ I’m now a subscriber, look forward to the next one👍🏼
    Sizing down in my opinion isn’t always good, speaking of experience. It’s highly dependant on the item of clothing you wear to size down on and your body.

  2. Can you cover what to wear on beach vacations like Cancun. From the beach/pool to dressed up a bit for dinner. Nobody's covered that and tons of people go on these all inclusive vacations. Thought it would be a great topic. Especially seeing extremely long board shorts still from 20 years ago and people dressed in a worn t-shirt at the dinner restaurants. Might be a good idea for a topic .

  3. John, as always, your upbeat presentation style probably makes a greater impact on me than me trying to be fashionable. I’m glad that your channel is quickly growing—162K! As a 66 YO gent, I find that I do a lot of professional mentoring for younger guys. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts about others who’ve helped you develop your style, positive vibes, and channel. Very best wishes, and let’s get the champagne chilled for the 200K subs. Mike

  4. Hi John. I've been running with the Adidas tiro track pant and a Wal-Mart equivalent the past couple of years for the same reasons you stated. They are a nice alternative to baggy sweats and joggers , they have a nice slim fit and taper from thigh to ankle and they are great for going to the gym ,grocery store or just lounging around the house. The ADED pants you showcased in this video would be a good viable option for me as well. They looked good on you and I can easily envision you rockin' those bad boys while you're doing a live chat. 😉 Peace. 🙂

  5. Really this is about laziness. Having worked in truly professional positions, suit-tie. Seeing males shave off their hair so they do not have to wash it. Seeing males who wear only pull overs as they do not need to be ironed. Laziness is the factor. Cultural acceptance of laziness is the death of well tailored clothing. I have not seen a woman in a dress and makeup in months. Laziness.

  6. As other followers said, another great video. Dig your flawless yet sofisticated suggests and outfits. And yes, look stylish in athleisure clothes is a challenge for older guys like me, but I agree 100% with your proposals. Thanks a lot sir!

  7. I have four pairs of the ADED pants that I bought almost two years ago. They are fantastic. I wear them to the gym and wash them regularly. They still look new. I LOVE the inseam sizing as I have long legs and most other sweat pants are too short. I find myself running around town on the weekend wearing these pants.


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