How to put on the Pankration Olympics, Kassandra’s Bikini Outfit after you’ve accomplished the Olympics primary struggle mission

Go to Armor
Select outfit you need to us (retains all states)
Go again to stock display screen
Move cursor over Armor
Press SQUARE on PS4 or X on Xbox One or RIGHT CLICK on PC
An inventory of all outfits you’ve unlocked will present
Scroll right down to backside & your Pankration Olympics, Bikini Outfit is there

Please be aware that this outfit is simply unlocked and can be utilized after you’ve received the Olympics

You can use this methodology to vary the visible look of all gadgets which does embrace, weapons & all outfits


  1. I buy it from blacksmith on Kos island, where is also Marcos. Armor is called Bare chest. I think, i am now immortal, maybe is a bug.

  2. Why didn't i unlock the visual outfit even after finishing through all of the questline? Could you please help me?

    I don't see the bare chested style in the visual customization. Please help 🙁

  3. How far into the game is this quest to get this outfit? Or is it something I can access right at the beginning? I just coped a copy and I'm starting out rn


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