How to decide on the precise coloration belt to cease ruining your outfits was a query raised just lately in my French Chic Academy so on this video I present you ways making the precise choice on the colour of your belt can elevate your outfits and create a harmonious and stylish look.

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Contents of this video:
00:00 Ruining an outfit
00:10 Showing you the precise manner
00:23 Getting it fallacious
00:56 Getting it proper – two tone outfit
02:16 Getting it proper – monochrome outfit
03:21 Going from fallacious to proper
03:37 Make the precise decisions, to cease ruining your outfits

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  1. This was great! You are such a good model, a natural. I get confused on what belt to wear, this has helped greatly, Thanks Ann

  2. Yet another excellent video. It's astounding how just by choosing the black belt instead of the brown one, you've made your legs look so long. Its very interesting how every little detail counts. Thank you so much for your excellent content.

  3. Thanks Marie-Anne! As always – great video! I always struggle with matching or no matching the colour of the belt with the shoes and/or the bag. Can you explain how to pick the colour of the belt in this case, please?

  4. In Italy while I was 'people watching' I noticed that the elegant stylish people never wore more than two colours, although they may wear different shades in those two colours – and I have kept to that rule. It is amazing how limiting your colour palette creates a more stylish look.

  5. Thank you for your video. It appears that every Australian woman had an idea that you were going to talk about belts. Went shopping for a couple of new ones recently and the range was so limited. Will keep trying.

  6. In the all-black outfit I'd probably add a caveat when adding another-coloured belt – only add another-coloured belt if it CREATES the rule of thirds, that makes your legs look longer; if adding another-coloured belt makes your outfit look closer to 50:50 top and bottom, don't do it, because it will not enhance your outfit.

  7. Hi Marie-Anne. What you demonstrated is quite obvious to me, yet some people I guess do get it wrong, I assume because they like to experiment or try something different. Unfortunately, I just stay away from belts these days because of my Apple shape. πŸ™

  8. Bon soir, Marie-Anne. Amazing French Chic lesson! The first option works wonderful for ladies with a short torso, matching the belt with the top in the same colour does the trick. Therefore, the other way around is better for a long torso. Monochrome is the best way to keep it simple, choosing only one colour, you blur horizontal lines and it will make you look slimmer and taller, I remember you mentioned this in other videos. You look so fabulous as always. J'adore ton Chanel. Merci, Madame πŸ€—xx

  9. Marie Anne, very good tips. I have been experimenting color/width/material of the belts. The color part is on track. Like you showed, I try to match it with either the top or the bottom. I match the belt with shoe color when the top and bottom are in two different colors and I don't have a belt matching either. It works too. It will be great if you could do a video to show what width/material of belt is good for what type of clothes( formal/casual dresses, skirts, pants etc.). I am gravitated to leather belt, but sometimes it is too formal for casual dresses/skirts. To master using a belt is great to create waist definition. Look forward to learning more from you.

  10. Thank you Marie-Anne, this topic really interested me (as you know!). You've explained and demonstrated it so well and I can see where I've gone wrong in the past. I love the French Chic simplicity and will adopt the match the belt to the top, or to the bottom half rule. I need to buy some new belts so this makes my life easy and I'll chose blue (for jeans), white (jeans) black (trousers) – horray!! Keep it simple and it will always work. Merci beaucoup, Martine xx

  11. Bonjour, this was great! Do you think you could do another belt video with dresses? Some dresses don't have a belt and could use one, or a better one, and some (especially light spring or summer dresses) have an elastic waist which would be best hidden.

  12. My biggest struggle with belts always came when wearing white sneakers. I really don’t think a white belt would look chic or elegant, so I chose to wear either a blue, brown or black one matching the color of my clothes. I’m relieved to see I was not lost!
    Thanks Marie-Anne!

  13. I have 3 colours only right now: black, light brown (like in your video) and animal print. Question: what if one part of outfit is multicoloured. Guessing right would be to pick up belt in one of
    three – four colours. Like to hear it from you, Marie-Anne. Thank you.πŸ€—

  14. Bon soir Marie-Anne, funny, because at the moment I am thinking about belts. I have to buy new ones and I don't want to make a mistake. And tonight your video at the right time!πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  15. Another thing about your first example is that it visually lengthens your torso to match the belt to the blouse! I have a short torso, so will definitely be using that trick. Merci beaucoup, Marie-Anne!

  16. Makes sense, I've learned that every color needs a friend, I can see from the examples and that you don't mix more than 2 colors, a maximum of 3 colors (in other videos) thank to remind me

  17. As always, great advice, MA. I think belts are great accessories and have good leather ones in my basic colors, acquired over decades. I tend to keep mine low-contrast (with my dress, for example) because I don’t have the narrowest waist, so I don’t want to emphasize that. Here in the US, people were over-influenced by the long-running show What Not to Wear advice: never match anything, for example, wear shoes, belt and bag in colors unrelated to each other or the outfit. I always thought lime green shoes, violet belt and orange bag, with a brown dress, looked pretty tacky, so I ignored this weird trend. I still like matching, more or less, accessories, or maybe 2 of 3 in the same basic color and I think they must coordinate with the clothes.

  18. Just got into belts last year.

    Purchased 2 new ones in my HUGE summer accessories haul on my Channel.

    For me I like to go for neutrals especially when it comes to accessories coz I feel like you'd get more cost per wear from neutral accessories than rainbow colors.

    Nice tips Marie Anne!.


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