How to construct an outfit from the ft up? Sometimes you need to put on your Chelsea boots, costume boots, or sneakers however you are unsure what garments ought to go along with it to make an outfit. I typically begin with the colour and elegance of my footwear to let that dictate what the remainder of my outfit will seem like.

Links to store the items down beneath:

Look 1
Brogued Boots
Sweater (comparable)

Look 2
Combat Boots
Jeans (comparable)

Look 3
Jeans (comparable)
Sweater (comparable)

Look 5
Chelsea Boots

Look 6
Dress Boots
Suit (comparable)
Shirt (comparable)
Tie (comparable)


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  1. I wish I could find good jeans but I am a little too thick on my waist and then a little skinny on the ankles so I can’t find goo skinny jeans, someone help

  2. You're a cool guy, but these are not the best styles. Needs some work on color selection and harmonizing. But then again, most guys are terrible dressers today, so what you show them would be an improvement.

  3. I am so immensely sad that we lost out an absolute gem like you to the straight people. But I'll make peace with it. Jokes aside, absolutely love your videos! Cheers!

  4. Great boots and those pants insinuate your curves nicely 🍑 😂 that an olive sweater I thought it was grey. Love those combat boots 🥾. Love the dark look especially with the navy blue and black combo. Loving Uniqlo especially for the minimalist look. I need those Chelsea boots. Teal or Cerulean are so in. Very dapper end.


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