Just a few weeks in the past, I put out a name to the neighborhood so that you can share your finest outfits with me through Instagram. What an outpouring of menswear, males’s outfit concepts, and outfit inspiration! I used to be actually overwhelmed. It’s your flip right this moment to indicate folks find out how to costume effectively and I’ll be including in just a few fashion suggestions and stye recommendation right here and there. Enjoy!

▪ 5 Ways To Wear A Brown Suit → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NClMV4bkpUE&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=1
▪ 5 Minimalist Navy Suit Outfits → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK3uxTNJ9OI&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=5
▪ 5 Fall Business Casual Outfits → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znnscqIz58A&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=17
▪ Fall Capsule Wardrobe → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk2qN04Tx34&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMe6vSBb8J-5S51fHhJ0TbVu&index=4
▪ 5 Essential Fall Jackets → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvitR_heLT0&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMdxVMQV49FfY6XadJFw8x23&index=12
▪ How To Dress For The Airport → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZpVlr-Eemg&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=9
▪ 8 Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAdUTnw9Hxs&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=15
▪ 5 Ways To Wear A Navy Suit → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0L823y_mLs&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMdxVMQV49FfY6XadJFw8x23&index=19
▪ How To Wear A White Jeans → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yjbj6LvP_A0&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=27
▪ How To Wear A Denim Jacket → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m54emLEc5zM&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=28
▪ 5 Ways To Wear A Grey Suit → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueTGt20qI3E&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMdxVMQV49FfY6XadJFw8x23&index=22

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▪ Feelworld 7″ 4K Monitor → http://bit.ly/2QJIC2N
▪ Sennheiser Shotgun Mic → http://bit.ly/37EehtD
▪ Sony Studio Monitor Headphones → http://bit.ly/39DOm6P
▪ Lightpanels Astra LED Panels → http://bit.ly/2QG2pAg
▪ Dracast 5 Series Light Kit → http://bit.ly/2QG2Rys
▪ Impact Stands → http://bit.ly/2MVxZZU

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  1. Best mens wear channel on YouTube. All the others have gone off target talking about girls and other non related stuff to just get views as they are running out of video ideas. I appreciate the style purist approach of this channel 💯

  2. you really should noticed more; have more subscribers and views. Love the content, just stumbled upon your channel accidentally and by far my favorite fashion channel and i follow a lot of them, you have Great taste as well

  3. Why don't they wear socks in their loafers?? Looks cool, yes, but 1/it's winter here and 2/ at least in Europe you cannot get away with it except in very casual situations…

  4. Apparel industry is NO stylish (or cool) because they can't even create mens wear that CAN beat and replace "suit and tie" over 100 years.

    Other industry like car industry is working like hell to create electric vehicles that can beat and replace gasoline cars for the sake of the future.
    There are many men who hate "suit and tie" and want "brand new" mens wear that can replace "suit and tie", but apparel industry won't do that forever and ever.
    That's because apparel industry has NO wisdom or spirit compared to other industry.
    If they can't beat "suit and tie", why people so-called "apparel designers" are existing on earth???

  5. Could you please make a video about menswear in the summer, especially what to wear in the office? I always struggle with this. Thanks so much!

  6. bryian am watching you from ghana west africa, i wish our weather got cold so i can wear turtle neck and dress like you do, but its always hot and humid so i cant either ways i still love your show. how do you dress in the summer?

  7. I'm here because A friend of mine was featured in your video. Excellent way of giving pointers without putting people down. You have a great eye!

  8. This is quite a fun thing to do, review some pics. Now we know one thing for sure, you can't go wrong with white trousers! I think you are a bit mistaken with the tall dudes jackets, they're just taller and hence they look different than average shop model sized people. Sleeves could be longer with the first tally but jacket length was ok I think.

  9. Nice video! Keep it up! Since a new 007 movie is coming out soon, can you do a video talking about your favorite Bond outfits and how to replicate the look?

  10. Wow! First off, thank you for including my picture in this vid! (20:09)… The feedback you gave, and just the positive encouragement and influence you have on the mens sartorial community Brian! Please continue the good work!

  11. This is such a cool idea Brian, I love the way you also interact with your fans. I’m wishing the best for you in the future as you seem to be a very genuine and kind person. All the best!

  12. I just found out your channel and i love it. You are my top3 favorite right now. There are no stupid sponors, lame jokes or cloudy content. U get to the point every time.

  13. Ouch, missed the call, would definitely love to hear your thoughts on mine. Great video though, almost any outfit for virtually all the events. Love the diversity of looks.

  14. Hello Brian; sorry I am late to the party, but was unable to watch earlier Great video! Question; what do you think of 'fun' shirts? I find myself oddly attracted to them. though I do find them gimmicky

  15. Hello Brian, love the looks, and the review. I've been thinking though, do you think some of these outfits look good in photos, but odd in real life? I mean, It's one thing to see someone wearing a green tuxedo posing for a picture on instagram, it's another thing to wear that green tuxedo to a party, and having to wear it all night….. same thing for the green suit and bold patterns, and having to wear that all day at work…. I just don't think that's realistic. But to each their own I guess.

  16. Thanks for doing this and sharing the insights of your sharp eye. Yes, definitely do again. Hats off to everyone who submitted a photo. Really enjoyed it.

  17. Great video, love the idea of bringing in the community for submissions. Got some really well dressed gentlemen out there. I also appreciate your commentary Brian and how you mentioned specific details of each outfit without any negativity. Awesome.

  18. Most outfits have a jacket or blazer, here in the Middle East the temperature reaches fifty degrees Celsius in the summer. Is it possible for suggestions for such an atmosphere? Thank you.

  19. Third one in, very much appreciated Brian – massive compliment to have been featured in a channel which showcases the absolute gold standard in classic men’s style. All the best mate!


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