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Sansa Stark and Cersei Lannister are two of Game of Thrones’ most recognizable enemies. But regardless of being on reverse sides of Westeros, their costumes have a ton in frequent.

From the very starting of the show, their outfits have been mirrors. When they’re each oppressed and weak within the earlier seasons, they’re wearing unfastened, pastel clothes signaling their lack of power. As the show strikes on and their plots turn into extra difficult, they don “survival camouflage,” garments used to masks secrets and techniques and mix in with enemies. And when each ladies start to assert the power of their homes, Lannister lions and Stark wolves turn into the focus of their garments.

In the show’s remaining season, Sansa and Cersei default to military-style accents on their robes as they prep for battle. Those high-necked clothes evoke photos of every household’s armor — full of defensive particulars like epaulets and draped chains. And whereas each leaders have realized completely different classes about struggle and household, it’s protected to say their outfit parallels are there for a cause.

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  2. Sansa may hate Cersei and Littlefinger but all the survival and assortment tricks she has she had learnt from them. She’s still blending in, without a personality of her own. Sansa never had her own personality, she was always boring, like a dead fish.

  3. God I really want Sanda and Cersei to stand opposite of Cersei in the final episode and give her her final blow. Sansa was a character is disliked a lot at the beginning but over the seasons she became my favourite. After last episode I think Daenerys will never become queen. It will be John or Sansa.

  4. Personally in the last two seasons there is to much black, but I do love the red dress of queen Cersei, alike with the red dress of queen Daenerys in s8e4. My opinion at least!

  5. This was such a great video. It sums up why I am constantly entertained by not only the show but the amount of care that goes into the costume design. Love it!


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