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Welcome Back to a different fearless Friday and this week I’m being very fearless with a lookbook that’s approach outdoors of my consolation zone. I selected this to simply have enjoyable and make it distinctive and never take myself so critical! I hope you take pleasure in!

Look #1: Metallic Pants http://shein.top/tka7szu http://shein.top/5bg0ov4
Look #2: Top http://shein.top/7w20e6i http://shein.top/99kmesw
Look #3: http://shein.top/7duy2eo
Look #4: http://shein.top/kcfruof
Look #5: http://shein.top/lpxx367 http://shein.top/meolrvg
Look #6: http://shein.top/ak3trm8
Look #7: http://shein.top/ohm11sq
Look #8: http://shein.top/ggah6z3
Look #9: http://shein.top/pfcq9c9 http://shein.top/n57ln2i
Look #10: http://shein.top/d1ggc95
Look #11: Button Front Buckle Belted Silky Dress http://shein.top/smr98be
Look #12: http://shein.top/z0magre http://shein.top/z24p20p
Look #13: http://shein.top/bmsgb0q
Look#14: http://shein.top/8dlb5re
Look #15: http://shein.top/8w79td5

Boots: Thigh highs: https://us.shein.com/Tie-Back-Over-Knee-Block-Heeled-Boots-p-388048-cat-1748.html?scici=navbar_WomenHomePage~~tab01navbar08menu01dir01~~8_1_1~~real_1748~~SPcCccWomenCategory~~0~~50001
Snake Skin: https://us.shein.com/Point-Toe-Snakeskin-Graphic-Chunky-Heeled-Ankle-Boots-p-1537602-cat-1748.html?scici=productDetail~~RecommendList~~RS_own,RJ_NoFaultTolerant~~Customers%20Also%20Viewed~~SPcProductDetailCustomersAlsoViewedList~~0~~0

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  1. I really like Pastors Wife, the Spoiled Youngest & the one who still hasn’t graduated yet. These Names are hilarious 😆😩😂😂🤣. I like so many of these outfits! So cute Morgan.

  2. These 2 outfits just called me out…”The one that still hasn’t graduated” and “The one with no Kids” literally my go to type outfits 😂

  3. I love 1,2,7,8,9,10 and oooh love love 11. I’m definitely the one with no kids and the one who hasn’t graduated. I love comfort I enjoyed this look book, it was fun.

  4. Hey girl! I have a few questions, I have just started my walk recently, I’ve been comparing a lot, I feel like God doesn’t want me anymore, & doesn’t love me anymore. And I have been super worried about everything, and haven’t been so happy lately! I’ve been super anxious to open up about this, do you have any tips? 💞

  5. Hey Morgan Tracy J! LOVE ALL your looks. Side note next time maybe you can create a message in your closet lol, I was thinking about the name hisdaughtercloset just a thought.


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