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In right now’s video I’m exhibiting you some new in wardrobe items from H&M! The objects are completely interchangeable and they’re simple to model to create stunning impartial outfits. I’ve obtained clothes, fundamental staples, trousers + extra! I hope you like it πŸ™‚

Charlotte xx

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Striped shirt gown (8): https://shopstyle.it/l/bt2fg

Button entrance tie waist gown (S): https://shopstyle.it/l/bt2g9

Ankle size tie waist belt gown (S): https://shopstyle.it/l/bt2e5

Powder pink blazer (10): https://shopstyle.it/l/bt2fp

Blue striped slip gown (S): https://shopstyle.it/l/bt2fa

Khaki cropped trousers (8): https://shopstyle.it/l/bt2hg

Light inexperienced large leg trousers (S): https://shopstyle.it/l/bt2hm

Black cropped cardigan (S): https://shopstyle.it/l/bt2fy

Linen mix shorts (8): https://shopstyle.it/l/bt2eY

Gold hoop earrings: https://shopstyle.it/l/bt2hu

For body of reference, I’m 5″6 and I put on a small/UK 8 until in any other case talked about.

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  1. I really find H&M's sizing to be peculiar (I'm being polite). I end up having to buy two sizes in order to make sure I get the right size. My favourite piece is the linen shorts! I love them!!! Also like the long beige and cream striped dress and love the length. I can't understand why they wouldn't add pockets as there is so much fabric! I do prefer this style of video. Thanks.

  2. Love the dress with the Blue stripes, gorgeous colors! 😍 I agree that it could be a bit smaller and you might try a different bra with it that doesnβ€˜t show that much in the back.
    You really picked up great pieces, I need to have a look at their online shop soon!
    Oh and I enjoy the new format of talking about the pieces while having them on already!

  3. Hi Charlotte, I think it would be good in the cutaway if you could show the full outfit with shoes rather than bare feet. Gives a much better idea of how the outfit would look- especially for the full length trousers.

    Love your outfits, especially the cream linen shorts. Would have liked to get a better back view to see if they are see-through. The front looked ok but may be deceiving because of the pocket material giving an extra layer.