They ought to swap garments extra typically

00:00 Gwatson
00:10 Inaras Belly button’
00:25 Calli makes enjoyable of Gura’s UwU
01:20 Wiggly Gura’s tail
01:40 Ame appears to be like additional cute in Ina’s outfit
02:00 Boob sweat cookies

For the complete vtuber expertise watch them when they’re dwell !

【 ? 】

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Ninomae Ina’nis ch:
Amelia Watson Ch.:
Gawr Gura Ch.:
Mori Calliope Ch.:
Takanashi Kiara Ch.:
IRyS Ch.:
Tsukumo Sana Ch.:
Hakos Baelz Ch.:
Ceres Fauna Ch.:
Ouro Kronii Ch.:
Nanashi Mumei Ch.:

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  1. This whole stream was an aesthetic. I could not stop screenshotting them in different frames throughout the stream.
    Even in idle poses they look amazing, and even more so when they pose ❤

  2. So funny story my nickname (to my parents) is bubba, so kinda weird hearing anyone else be called bubba cause I'm so used to it, just feels weird


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