( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hi guys! Today’s video I’ll present you the perfect HAT AND MASK GLITCH utilizing glitches and methods after the brand new replace! Top cool modded clothes!

Text Tutorial:
1. Pick Mask and save outfit
2. Pick the hat you need with Mask
2. Set Helmet to Auto Show Bike Helmet ON
3. Get on Motorcycle watch for Helmet Animation
4. Get off Motorcycle go to model hover over the outfit with Mask
5. Select outfit once you’re about to take your helmet off

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  1. I think they patched it, I did it two days ago but now when I get in the bike he doesn't put the helmet on when he has the hat on, and the auto bike helmet is on.

  2. You're awesome, your tutorials are so simple and well explained unlike some YouTubers that take like 3 minutes to get to the point,

    Great content, subbed and smashed the bell <3


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