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+ P.O Box
Country: South Korea
State/Province: ChungcheongNam-Do
City: Gongju-City
Address: Hanjeok2-gil 51-14 WooNam First-Vill 104-#701
Post Code: 32569


+ Innisfree Green Tea Line
\ https://bit.ly/2FZeRa2

+ Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
\ https://bit.ly/2HW1x8N

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+ Outfits
\ Qwon’s blue shirt: https://bit.ly/2HWAWs9
\ Qwon’s whereas pants: http://bit.ly/2Ur9XLh
\ Qwon’s crop prime: https://bit.ly/2HWAWs9
\ Qwon’s matching pants: https://bit.ly/2HWAWs9
\ Qjin’s pink costume: https://bit.ly/2HWAWs9
\ Qjin’s slippers: https://bit.ly/2Kk8aUz
\ Qjin’s costume: https://bit.ly/2HWAWs9
\ Qjin’s heels: http://bit.ly/2K20ea6

+ Hair
\ Overmars: https://bit.ly/2LWszf1
\ Please DM for reservation
\ Contact: 02-517-0713 or 0714
\ 13 Dosan-daero 83-gil, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


+ Royalty Free Music
\ https://bit.ly/2Ud48wX
\ Listen in your favorite platform: https://bit.ly/2GGNYJR

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  1. SO CUTEEEE I missed watching your videos but I was sooooo busy with school…btw tell Innesfree CEO to open a store here in Italy please😂

  2. Heyyy qjin and qwon, I really miss your vlogs where you went out to eat also qqs cooking showwWww hopefully you can make some more of those videos in the future 😁🥰

  3. Blooming flowers especially roses of all colors is in style here in America this Spring & Summer. Also, hand bags by LUGS & VERA BRADLEY are popular here in USA as well. The color green is in this year also. Mainly spring and summer green(s).


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