10 beautiful SPRING outfits you possibly can truly wear when it is chilly! Clothes/merchandise linked beneath. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A PAID PARTNERSHIP WITH KAREN MILLEN. Affiliate hyperlinks used, and a few objects had been both gifted or purchased with a press low cost/reward card! Sponsored hyperlinks marked with * Hope you get pleasure from, remember to subscribe 🀍

Outfit 1
*Boucle sleeveless dress- https://rstyle.me/+HkFEGDQ2wDY5b5FLpXcS6w
*Bow tie blouse- https://rstyle.me/+jz9kdm8BTc4H9zgzQjO1NQ
Cream beret- https://rstyle.me/+YZQ6KjN3QZ8YLVVhEglxiA

Outfit 2
Lilac jumper- https://rstyle.me/+FrAc3lDsm-4hpu4_dxms_g
*Boucle button skirt- https://rstyle.me/+GtSjxGfKH9Mikzuhy0WdIw
*White knee excessive boots- https://rstyle.me/+-rw7E23zWFpIzNi4jS3Bwg
Pink beret- https://rstyle.me/+ccL-qLSjjAoy5ZjYKIdeaQ
Pink shoulder bag- https://rstyle.me/+nP8dZD9e6Ch4nlOhRn9vIA
Pale pink trench coat- https://rstyle.me/+MDRo0Ia5Z0_Er-SmhSECug

Outfit 3
Heart brief sleeve knit- https://rstyle.me/+Jd80qeMJSjmJFGVohEhgtA
Pink belted trousers- https://rstyle.me/+mORb7fyvfH-nTRPjXE62DA
Off white ankle boots- https://rstyle.me/+ZhP6WFzK4QcyvSToquWpPg
Cream scrappy sandals- https://rstyle.me/+dBLTIIUfArmW48hV-sjDzQ
Cream Coach bag- https://rstyle.me/+mkyG6fIMjzuyaFhstuAmEg
Lightweight white jacket- https://rstyle.me/+kB8kcnVw2_1hhLYVX50r8Q

Outfit 4
*Pleated button dress- https://rstyle.me/+ldekdQ6-Co27s9oPIHg_Ug
Brown Coach bag- https://rstyle.me/+u5z7X6-WMDM6mB9aTXLUhA
Black OTK boots (related)-

Outfit 5
Blue boucle jacket- https://rstyle.me/+KFO8zSPsyRZvdTxhFurmMg
Blue boucle skirt- https://rstyle.me/+lX9ud8a1RjElmUZTG2Gu9w
*White boots- https://rstyle.me/+-rw7E23zWFpIzNi4jS3Bwg

Outfit 6
White knit chiffon sleeve dress- https://rstyle.me/+V_1dL-tOmQywE_gMuDI78w
Pink Santinni coat- https://bit.ly/3D6sj76
*White boots- https://rstyle.me/+-rw7E23zWFpIzNi4jS3Bwg

Outfit 7
White broderie layering top- https://rstyle.me/+ANH5aIpD-H2JhvstIvLG0g
Pink fake fur collar cardigan- https://rstyle.me/+teVrHgCdmOhk9FwsY3DWTQ
Cardigan extra sizes similar- https://rstyle.me/+rlW_StehAZadcAWE0_rlBg
White tweed skort- https://rstyle.me/+_e1AqpJU70wBrjj9CuYi_g
*White sleeveless trench- https://rstyle.me/+nmTLPrzWhHqy3i8_Hh9ZqQ
Pink tweed bag- https://rstyle.me/+wWLIPiQXb5HZLLGCahfTrA

Outfit 8
Blue boucle cardigan- https://rstyle.me/+XCfa5euo3jPutqnSBaZNhw
Pink knit skirt- https://rstyle.me/+dsx3uIiujPe2BF2B7R6y2w
Pink beret- https://rstyle.me/+ccL-qLSjjAoy5ZjYKIdeaQ
*White boots- https://rstyle.me/+-rw7E23zWFpIzNi4jS3Bwg
*Sleeveless trench- https://rstyle.me/+nmTLPrzWhHqy3i8_Hh9ZqQ

Outfit 9
*Floaty sleeve knit top- https://rstyle.me/+CmSKZNpcGCWXpV4mW2Iasg
Pink boucle skirt- https://rstyle.me/+AW1R6A70qZUJa1_C5XdjAw
Pink woven headband- https://rstyle.me/+1hL-UUeTaW-b1UzSEQU5WQ
Off white ankle boots- https://rstyle.me/+ZhP6WFzK4QcyvSToquWpPg

Outfit 10
Long pink dress- https://rstyle.me/+FYB4NXPK2QR6p09fhFkenA
White sweater- https://rstyle.me/+zBPzU2TnhriplgDC2lvhFA
Off white ankle boots- https://rstyle.me/+ZhP6WFzK4QcyvSToquWpPg
White coach bag- https://rstyle.me/+mkyG6fIMjzuyaFhstuAmEg

Outfit 11
Blue ruffle trim blouse- https://rstyle.me/+1ZaMqFiIRJ53ItltOwBXEA
White boucle cardigan/jacket- https://rstyle.me/+sir7ySvYhhkZ6aN-lX4gLg
Blue pearl button skirt- https://rstyle.me/+_1gf1CIGJA87R3_op2MdBQ

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  1. Your videos use to do close ups when explaining sleeves and buttons etc. it made the edit of your videos so much better. Could you please do that again πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  2. Omg I love all this outfits. This may be your best video ever! So colourful and cute and wearable and I love the 60Β΄s vibe. The pink cardigan with a cute white blouse under and the baby blue cardigan ohh gosh and the first white skirt is amazing πŸ˜€ Thank you for always inspiring me <3

  3. Freddy, you're gonna make me go broke πŸ˜‚ every item is literally perfect, my heart goes: 'I want it, I want it!', I wasn't even like this as a little girl πŸ˜‚

  4. do u think the web sites know some of us ckick right off when they ask us to let them collect cookies …data on us? i wanted to order that Karen Millen dress but clicked off

  5. I feel like your style has changed a lot recently. (In a good way) I originally watched your videos a few years ago because you had so much pink in your style, which I love btw. I’m glad to see you doing more pink and pastel clothings again. I hope you continue to do more!

  6. It difficult to say which outfit is the best β€” because they are all so cuteβ€” but the neutral Karen Millen dress and over the knee boots outfit is just spectacular on you!

  7. Afternoon Freddy, thank you so much I love all of the outfits. I appreciate how you utilise shoes and bags to get the most out of outfits and keep costs down. Have a wonderful week. Hugs to Cinderella xxx

  8. Would be amazing to see you step out of your comfort zone and try something new, a darker colour scheme or just a different style to the pink childlike girly thing, not for your audience but for yourself. It must be boring and depressing wearing the same outfits and doing the same thing over and over. I feel I have seen the exact same outfits from you for years. You're so gorgeous it would be great to see you branch out more.

    A few of the skirts needed to be sized up but I loved the lilac and blue sweaters, the different colours looked beautiful and refreshing on you. The trousers looked amazing, I loved the more professional grown up look, and the dropped waist pleated dress with the black boots was incredible!

    Just overall am bored with your style. It feels dated and drab in 2022. You're a beautiful young woman, you don't need to dress like a child!

  9. Loved every outfit on you. I never heard the sayings about an itchy nose, I always heard that you would be kissing a fool or had kissed one, lol. Have a wonderful spring. 😊

  10. I love that Karen millen blouse and the trench coat/body warmer is so cool πŸ‘€

    Also love that you're incorporating longer pieces on the bottom half into your outfits- I'm always self conscious of my bum being seen whenever I wear ANYTHING mid-thigh so it's nice to know there's stuff out there thats dignity proof and Freddie approved β€πŸ™Œ


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