In this video, I’m going over some vital ideas for selecting an superior first date outfit and supply some examples/concepts to make it even simpler for you guys! First dates may be overwhelming, so hopefully this video can assist you all determine what to put on. Leave a remark under and let me know what you need me to speak about subsequent!

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  1. Casual: Dark jeans, white tee, black bomber, black sneakers
    Dressy: Dark jeans, white point collar, charcoal blazer, black chelseas

    You can conquer 90% of situations, from coffee to bowling to casinos to clubs with either of those styles. The best thing is, they're both super attainable and look great whether you've spent $200 or $2000 on the outfit. Target jeans, Uniqlo tee and bomber, Adidas Stan Smiths? Awesome. Todd Shelton custom denim, John Varvatos tee, Tom Ford leather jacket, Crown sneakers? Sweet. She'll love the look either way.

    And of course, don't forget the watch. Steel bracelet sports watch/diver for casual, black leather strap for dressy.

  2. Courtney is a nice babe but the monotone voice is whaaaa whaaa whhaaaa whaaaaa after a few dates I would not even hear her talking and because it all sounds the same. I guess I would just nod and say yep…. every 30 seconds or so, so she thinks I care.

  3. Its great to hear advice from a lady's perspective like you Courtney. I'm happy that people like you exist to also change mens lives. I always dreamed of dating a beautiful lady in high heel boots some day.

  4. Yeah so… (now wait as i am not complaining about what i am about to write🤣) this lockdown made me lose my habit of wearing jeans and instead i am wearing an athleisure-ish pyjamas on work. But after hearing these outfit tips from you Courtney, i will definitely keep them in mind if i ever end up going on a first date with a beautiful woman.

    So thanks again my great friend for your ever-caring help.💛💛💛💛

  5. Hi Courtney love your videos…so for this video…I live in Florida is hot all the time…and honest I’m in short pants 98%..beautiful ones different colors what do you think about short pants??

  6. Hey Courtney. What is your opinion about cowboy boots?
    And what about Timberland shoes? I grew up in Europe, and Timberlands are considered fashion outfit there. But once I moved here to the US I've noticed they are considered work boots.

  7. I think a nice white shirt… nice dark wash jeans… leather belt… and clean boots work for me… depends what you like to wear.

    Not forget your watch… just saying

  8. This is total bullshit. A tips for frightened teenagers. A real men will impress a woman even in his jogging suit, guys. Wear whatever the fuck you wanted, just be yourself. The more you'll bothering yourself with "what woman love these days", the more you'll push them away.


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