Fashion Nova
Plus Size – New Arrivals

*Items Mentioned*
Spree Dress
Spree Dress – Burgundy

Give Me Your Love Satin Pant Set
Give Me Your Love Satin Pant Set – Peach

Sassy Tunic Legging Set
Sassy Tunic Legging Set – Charcoal

Stroll Maxi Dress
Stroll Maxi Dress – Brown

I’m Entering A Room Maxi Dress

I'm Entering A Room Maxi Dress – Blue

Ricarda Basic Bodysuit
Ricarda Basic Bodysuit – White

Spice It Up Pant Set
Spice It Up Pant Set – Olive/combo

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My measurements
Chest 42
Waist 45
Hip 60

Height 5″6
Current Size 18/20 2x/3x
Shoes 8.5 us

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  1. The QUEEN has spoken…..LOL….OMG😍😍😍Loving ALL those outfits from the royal highness blue dress to the leopard jumpsuit to the romantic dine with me red dress to the "Jenny from the Block" short set….This was such a well and to the point mini wardrobe haul and I really loved it…..Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fashion Nova getting to big for their britches. The nerve to mark 1/2 they chi at $49.99 & up then give a 20-30% off discount. 🙄 And let's not talk about mini EVERYTHING! LESS fabric, HIGHER prices. But I do love your picks.

  3. I love the third one in ur thumb & Nail. And also I like the last outfit with those white sneakers on and mini bag. The others or for the red carpet I hope to see you their by the way. And take.show.interview David Letterman Oprah Winfrey on Own, The Today Show ,Live with Kelly & Ryan.

  4. Excellent haul indeed. Those dresses look great on you, specially the first and last ones. Thank you for sharing your beauty in this vid

  5. My two favorite are the brown 🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎 dress and the blue 💙💙💙💙 you are a very beautiful …… And who say plus size women can't slay

  6. Hi Beautiful Victoria love this Fascinating Vlog of you sharing off your Glammed Gorgeously and Phenomenal attractibute of Fineaf Perfection Beautiful and loved everything ❤and enjoyed the channel and have a great rest of your day Beautiful 😍and much love 💖 and have a wonderful rest of your day sweetie ❤


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