G Dragon is a development setter! Today’s video is FASHION EXPERT REVIEWS: Big Bang Airport Outfits – G DRAGON. G Dragon originated the airport style development and he has a few of my favorite seems to be that I’ve reviewed right here on my channel.

In Fashion Expert Reviews, I’m going to drag out varied outfits, speak designers, references, silhouettes, and extra. As it is a evaluation, I’ll then fee every outfit out of ten. Where this sequence is specializing in airport outfits, the seems to be might be rated out of ten wings ✈️

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👟 How To Recreate The Looks 👟

G Dragon Look 1 – Oversized Leather Jacket

Oversized Leather Motorcycle Jacket from ASOS https://shopstyle.it/l/btdaa
SVNX Double Jean Chain from ASOS https://shopstyle.it/l/btc84

G Dragon Look 5 – Statement White Shirt

White Linen Blend Shirt from H&M https://shopstyle.it/l/btdad
White Cropped Tie Hem Shirt from H&M https://shopstyle.it/l/btdah
White Ruffled Cotton Shirt from H&M https://shopstyle.it/l/btc9h
Black Slim High Waist Jeans from H&M https://shopstyle.it/l/btc9j
Black Leather Mules from H&M https://shopstyle.it/l/btc9n

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  1. gd is the androgynous fashion icon! and please note that these outfits were a few years ago so he’s always ahead of his time :0

  2. Yellow coat outfit is my favorite between others in this video. But my favorite GD's airport outfit is not here 😃
    I hope u will do more videos with GD and BIGBANG. GD is so iconic! 🔥
    Can u also do a review of Vogue Korea (3 covers) and Dazed Korea (8 covers) with GD? And of course his songs' reactions 😍🖤💛

  3. Can u also review GDragon's YGE fashionista female counter part Sandara Park? She's a former member of 2ne1 (disbanded) which is famously known as Legendary Queens of Kpop, Queens of Live & Queens of Fashion. TY

  4. G Dragon is the one whom started the airport fashion in KPOP…and everyone else in KPOP today is basically FOLLOWING HIM!!!! THAT'S THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!

  5. The other OG Korean Star who start fashion trend in South Korea and known by the world famous designer name is CL. You should react to her.

  6. I love that he’s just having fun with it. Some things work and some don’t but that’s what makes him so great – he’s not afraid to try it! His style has become his brand, and successfully so! You can easily see his influence being reflected in the street fashion across Asia. Great video! Thank you 🙂

  7. G-Dragon is the reason why South Korean men are so fashion-conscious now. He literally brought the culture to South Korea for men. There are thousands of Korean fashion business now all over the world, who are thriving because of GD

  8. He was also the one who made the hairstyle mullet a trend. Also he's the first one to make a trend of colored hair on every comeback. Also, his vans shoes, he wear it like a slip on slippers, so Vans redesigned a new shoes where GD or anyone can use it comfortably when they just slip on their feets inside the shoes. He really is a trendsetter. Even Chanel loved his customized printed bags. That's how he is so iconic. He's also the one who started using female clothings in his vogue magazines and other magazines even if koreans will hate him since korea is not yet open with cross dressing or anything about LGBTQ+, but he still didn't give a fck about what k-netizens will say to him. I love him so much!

  9. You just discovered a fashion GOLDMINE! G-Dragon has so much to offer if your into fashion. I highly recommend you do a video on just his Vogue covers! The looks are beautiful. Despite being in idol, he doesn't shy away from intensity. You are going to fall in love!

    Then theres his stage outfits. He is so fashion oriented and it bleeds so well into his tour looks. For example, his last tour was called Motte which means "womb" in Korean and the color scheme was red to represent blood. The amount of red outfits we got to see were amazing! But my fave detail was his white coat with red dye splattered to mimic a bloody doctors coat after child delivery.

    Then theres all the clothes and accessories that he's doodled on himself. He will literally draw all over a Chanel bag to wear to fashion week! Its interesting to see his artwork on different clothes. And while your at it, his looks for fashion week are so iconic! Karl (RIP) was such a fan of GDs fashion sense he photographed the idol himself!

  10. Thank you for making this video 🤩 it really shows how good G-Dragon is with fashion. Sometimes I do really wonder if is G-Dragon who makes those clothes look good, since I can’t see many people pulling some of his most famous outfits 😂

  11. Loved the video. Thankyou for all the little trivia, the sb3 and db6 is definitely making it to my closet labels.❤️

    Low-key want you to attempt a rating of G-Dragon's stage outfits as well. Might be fun. Might end up watching clips of certain performances too if that's your thing!

    Thanks a lot, all the best👍🏼

  12. GD once said, "I only wear clothes because I can't go around naked. Then people begun calling me fashionista."

    I don't care about brands. As long as I feel its comfortable, I'll wear it.

    When Bigbang started he used to sew and took part in their outfits.

  13. G-Dragon was the idol that enticed legendary fashion labels to ride into the Kpop wave. When he said he was just wearing the clothes he likes, that was actually true.

    When GD didn't have the money yet, he would go to the market, mix and match the items he likes. When he started to earn more after they hit it big a year after their debut, he got to buy items he likes. Fashion enthusiasts from Korea to Japan and Asia took notice of his style. His style was weird but cool. And people just started buying whatever he buys. That's how many fashion houses started to take notice of G-Dragon. He wasn't endorsing the brand, but he was selling their items like hotcakes.
    And that's how he ended up getting multiple offers from different brands, including being the first Korean in getting an exclusive sponsorship from the legendary fashion house, Louis Vuitton.

  14. What's interesting about GD is he's always been part of modern fashion, he started a lot of trends without people realizing it. Like literally, his creativity is unlimited and as a fashion lover in general, and as a person who learned design through college, and has been a designer for years now, I put huge respect for this guy and everything that he did for the fashion industry. He's such an inspiration.

  15. Your ratings are mostly agreeable, but I just wanna take a second to defend Ji-Yong's outfit in the pink shirt. 😅 This one I think you might appreciate a little more if you knew more about him, it's quite personalized. The black beanie is a signature look he tends to enjoy, and the flowers are daisies, a trademark look for his own personal clothing brand, Peaceminusone. 👌 As a fan of his it always brings a little spark of joy to see him wearing the daisies. ✨💚✨
    The scarf I can't say anything for, except that I think he was just doing the usual color pop. 🤷 Not a favorite either, but I get it.

    Thank you so much for reviewing this particular celebrity! If you hadn't I never would have found this channel, which I'm definitely going to sub to now! ☺️

    (Side note, the feminine skirt-like shorts he wears are likely done by his sister, Dami Kwon. I was sure I saw an article about them but now I'll be damned if I can find it 😬)

  16. Yessss!!! Been waiting for GDragon. We can’t talk kpop fashion without talking about him! Also there’s another lesser known idol but I swear his taste is impeccable – Hur Hyunjun (formerly known as Hwall) . He’s a former member of The Boyz and now he’s doing stuff independently. Pleaseeeee do a video on his airport fashion ~


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