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  1. Not everyone can pull off wide leg trousers but you look great in em! By the environment I knew you were in NYC then I saw the license plate which confirmed it lol

  2. I found your channel through Ruby (who I've been following for a while) and I've binged all your videos hahah I really like the vibe of all your videos 🙂 You and your friends make me miss New York so much 😫
    I live in Paris and started vlogging like 2 weeks after getting hooked on so many vloggers including you & Ruby!
    PS the ponytail look amazing on you, love the whole last look❤❤❤

  3. i know i‘m being hella annoying but what size did you get the house of sunny hockney dress in? it‘s sooo cute and looks fire on you. obsessed with the way you styled it in this video (and obsessed with your style in general)


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