00:00 Head to the Village of the Albinaurics and hit the big pot
02:16 After returning to Roundtable Hold Ensha will invade you
03:47 From Boilprawn Shack immediately south is the doorway to Lakeside Crystal Cave which can result in Latenna
07:03 Latenna will let you understand as soon as you’re getting near Castle Sol. Once you arrive there, beat the boss of the fort and discover the 2nd a part of the Medallion
08:19 head again to the Grand Lift of Rold and hoist the “secret medallion”
08:52 Once you’re within the new space Latenna will let you understand to journey north previous the Liturgical city of Ordina to Apostate Derelict
09:32 Summon Latenna in Apostate Derelict
10:40 As she wished, I discarded her ashes close to Lobo BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO, you may already see their spirits round Liturgical city of Ordina


  1. damn it seems i cannot summon her there. When i went to get her ashes she was already dead apparently… fug. Anything i can do or is it NG+ time

  2. For some reason just her ashes were at her shack and nothing was happening when i got the haligtree medallion or anything is the quest broken or did i do something wrong?

  3. I don’t get any option to summon her at apostate. She didn’t speak to me at all along the way. I’ve made it to haligtree

  4. I just want to point out that there is an easier route to Latenna and Lobo at their hideaway cabin, accessible immediately upon reaching the overlook of Liurnia from Stormveil Castle after defeating Godrick the Grafted. There is a path up there that leads directly to her, without going through the crystal tunnel dungeon and Bloodhound boss fight, which I only discovered later.

  5. Who is the towering sister, is there any lore on this character? The fact you discarded the ash on her wolf for the lore was beautiful as well, such an emotionally filled quest.

  6. i skipped this entire thing… found the medalliions went back to find the shack and it was just her ashes not her… im going to take the ashes to the thingie see what happens.. on my way to the lift now :O

  7. I've done almost everything right already in this quest, but she never talked to me like she did with you at 7:00. She told me where to get the other half of the medallion, I wen there and got it by killing the boss but she never once talked to me telepathically like she did to you, even after using the secred medallion and getting to the new map she doesn't say a thing, maybe the dialog only triggers in this specific place you're at?


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