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Here’s how one can get an wonderful armor set comparatively early in Elden Ring! The Royal Remains armor set location information.

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  1. Went through this process and fought the boss in the village only to find out that this armor has worse defenses and weighs the exact same as the knight set I'm already using. And yes I'm still getting chucked by absolutely everything

  2. Wait but I'm already to the part of the game where the Erdtree is burning. Meaning that guy is no longer there. Can I not get the armor set anymore?

  3. Bruh. I was just there. Luckily I got the grace.

    I watched Jacksepticeye's latest Elden Ring video this morning, and the whole Caria Manor plus Royal Remains had me excited, so…

  4. is this better than the samurai starter gear? i am havin a hard time gettin new items, or lets say know what i should get. i am running around 30h in with the samurai starter gear. x)

  5. the thing i did the pot dude for the hoist the medalion….and fast traveled to the zone where u put the medalion,is there any other way to get the invasion?

  6. It’s funny cause the knight set is pretty much a straight upgrade with better poise that you can buy for around 12k runes, not too much at all at the time you hit the round table hold

  7. Hey everyone! Here’s my 2 final builds for this game lmk what you think

    Death/frost Sorcerer class stats
    60 vigor
    50 mind
    35 endurance
    20 strength
    50 dex
    80 intelligence
    40 faith
    10 arcane

    Rannis Dark Moon
    Glintstone Ice Crag
    Ancient death rancor
    Explosive ghost flame
    Zamor Ice Storm
    Comet Azur

    Dark Moon Greatsword
    Moonveil Katana
    Prince of Death staff

    Marikas soreseal
    Gravens mass talisman
    Dragoncrest shield plus 2
    Magic scorpion charm

    Death/pyromancer/bleed class stats
    60 vigor
    45 mind
    35 endurance
    25 strength
    60 dex
    9 intelligence
    75 faith
    40 arcane

    Flame of the fell god
    Giants flame take thee
    Flame o flame
    Scouring black flame
    Black flame ritual
    Death lightning
    Black Blade

    Eleonoras Poleblade
    Eleonoras Poleblade
    Halo Scythe
    Godslayer Seal

    Radagons soreseal
    Flocks canvas
    Dragoncrest shield plus 2
    Fire scorpion charm/winged sword insignia


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