Elden Ring – 8 of The Strongest END GAME ARMORS You Don’t Want To Miss! Elden Ring Best Armor Sets

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  1. just get the crepus’s vial talisman. It makes your movement completely silent which means you don’t need the black knife armor

  2. I fought the Night's Cavalry in Consecrated Snowfield and it gave me literally nothing. Not even runes or an "enemy defeated" thing. What a waste.

  3. damn the raging wolf one is exactly what i want and i missed it. guess it pays to interact with the environment more. no matter! veteran's set works too.

  4. I use Vulgar Militia,Blaidds legs,confessor gloves,and the lords remains helmet as my armor set up. And typically have been using the godskin peeler. I really enjoy the way it looks together

  5. After helping the sorceress fight, talk to her after the battle, then after gettting all the armor go back to Rennala room and collect the head gear and also talk to her again.. this time she is different πŸ˜…

  6. Black Knife armor silences your footsteps even if you're only wearing the chest component. Thankfully this game isn't Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and you can still have the perk while mixing and matching!


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