Hi women! We are excited to share this video with you all about effortlessly stylish outfits for girls over 40. All of those trendy, straightforward outfits are created utilizing fundamentals that you just most likely have already got in your closet. These easy, no fail seems to be are good for mature girls who wish to look stylish, polished and chic with out having to fuss. We have linked the objects we present within the video under for you. We hope you take pleasure in these effortlessly stylish seems to be.

#1: Black Blazer & Jeans
Kelli’s Casual Look:
Blazer:(comparable choice)https://rstyle.me/+ndbavliG1V8BttHovAFSYg
Striped tshirt:(S)https://rstyle.me/+zV7_bz9R6DmaWr4vM1UoKw
Jeans:28-sized up)https://rstyle.me/+2NkllXKtuJZstw3RR752yw
Bag: Chanel Quilted Tote Bag

Christina’s Dressed Up Look:
Blazer (comparable): https://rstyle.me/+UW6nfv4zOSqOIFj-OXkJhA
Cami (M): https://rstyle.me/+yEIJBuiIgxzg3_YkSa9AMQ
Cropped Skinny Jeans:(10S)https://rstyle.me/+3F3Sx-b3URTlAgb3vdjrlg
Heels (comparable): https://rstyle.me/+WGYjX9S4AYb9sCD5eLG22A

#2: Denim on Denim
Kelli’s Dressed Up Look:
Chambray shirt:(S)https://rstyle.me/+-NOFJrO6sUt9lHzd7pXq0g
Jeans:28-sized up)https://rstyle.me/+2NkllXKtuJZstw3RR752yw
Nude heels:(taupe-8)https://rstyle.me/+9cgDaJEjAZMFjxbwte21Uw
Bag:Chanel Classic Flap Medium in Beige

Christina’s Casual Look:
Chambray shirt:(M)https://rstyle.me/+-NOFJrO6sUt9lHzd7pXq0g
Boyfriend Jeans (SIMILAR) (New Dreams 10): https://rstyle.me/+8S1P3qQE3Stbrlw3f44UfA
Tan Sneakers (comparable): https://shopstyle.it/l/boxas
Belt (comparable): https://rstyle.me/+LXmBqi-fe_ovUp7kxSRK5g
Bag: LV Neverful MM in Monogram

#3: White Button Down & Jeans:
Kelli’s Casual Look:
White button down:(S)https://rstyle.me/+BmSJoZmxCocS3uJv4zhAPg
Jeans:28-sized up)https://rstyle.me/+2NkllXKtuJZstw3RR752yw
Tote bag: https://rstyle.me/+gSW5lzijen6BRhSyblP6Sg

Christina’s Dressier Look:
White button down:(L)https://rstyle.me/+BmSJoZmxCocS3uJv4zhAPg
Jeans (31R – SIZE UP RUNS SMALL):https://rstyle.me/+d32PjOHRiQlauMOFQ9Yf_Q
Heels (8): https://rstyle.me/+eMn7n_iD_dyOZuTIBqfyaA
Bag:Chanel Jumbo in Black Lambskin

#4: Black Sweater & Jeans:
Kelli’s Casual Look:
Black v-neck sweater: (S)https://rstyle.me/+LrJFKr7L1TpKvwS4hJsAfg
Jeans:(28-size up)https://rstyle.me/+iDg2G3EsYzNxBygfYPKxTA
Mules(8.5-sized up 1/2 measurement):https://rstyle.me/+RC7eMjmtnAVculgu1fpTkQ
Tote bag:(not obtainable)

Christina’s Dressier Look:
Black v-neck sweater (M): https://rstyle.me/+b2zwRk6-zjNGpixM46ETHQ
Cropped Skinny Jeans:(10S)https://rstyle.me/+3F3Sx-b3URTlAgb3vdjrlg

#5: Denim & Black Jeans
Kelli’s Dressier Look:
Chambray shirt:(S)https://rstyle.me/+-NOFJrO6sUt9lHzd7pXq0g
Black denims:(27)https://rstyle.me/+EoD7i75JvzeaKxfc0IFUbQ
Bag:Chanel Jumbo in Black Lambskin

Christina’s Casual Look:
Chambray shirt:(M)https://rstyle.me/+-NOFJrO6sUt9lHzd7pXq0g
Black Jeans (10S): https://rstyle.me/+qevsQxt2faPKBnXJwXwzRw
Leopard Loafers (8): https://rstyle.me/+QL8PQAMkxv23_56-ksRv8g
Bag: Chanel Quilted Black Tote

Disclaimer: this video is NOT sponsored. We weren’t paid in any means form or type to create this video. All opinions are our personal and sincere as all the time. Links posted above are affiliate hyperlinks which suggests we make a small fee if you are going to buy an merchandise at no further price to you. Thank you for supporting our channel!


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  1. Lol “Canadian tuxedo”. – yep 😉You guys make it look so good 😊
    Absolutely LOVE all the looks! So very “me”
    You guys nailed it again!!!
    Xo Tammy Roy 🇨🇦

  2. As a retired Woman I found your options on the casual jeans and that they could be dressed up to look a little more chic.. But I do need to go looking for a few different belts ..Thank You..

  3. You both are adorable! I am able to incorporate many of your outfits for my shape and life style .Always look forward to your well done videos .You get right too it .

  4. Hello from Canada to my fellow Americans, love your styles especially to show our Canadian tuxedo look. From chilly Canadian fall weather. I envy your weather, I missed my annual trip to Florida. God bless you .

  5. I’m new here and love your channel! Where I live we’re spending more time at home because of the pandemic. Could you do a causal/loungewear/pjs video?

  6. Please, please do a video on how to achieve the modern chic look in clothes when you are apple shape with large waist and rolls. I need help! I don’t feel I can tuck anything in due to tummy and c-section apron issues.

  7. Beautiful outfits but I don't look good with tops tucked into my jeans. I'm pear shaped and have a big tummy so tucking in tops makes me look like I'm pregnant. I try to find tops which drape and hide all the lumps and bumps 🙁

  8. You guys are the cutest best friends 🥰 love the looks it’s awesome how you pair things with jeans and make it look casual or upscale there’s so many different things you can do great job 👌☺️ wishing you both a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽

  9. This has to be my favorite vlog yet! I'm a capsule wardrobe person, and wear jeans almost daily – this was great! Hoping one of the v-neck sweaters will be right for me, as so often the vee is too low and I have to wear a cami under.

  10. Love! Love! I recently had a career change from school counselor to substitute teacher, so these outfits are really giving me ideas! ( it helps that I’m built a lot like Christina) Thank you, ladies! I am so hooked on your channel that now Sundays and Thursdays I look forward to your videos!

  11. The "Hi Guys" you do at the beginning reminds me of the intro of Eleventhgorgeous, do you know that channel with the two sisters? 😀 I tend to think matching shoes, belt and bag or bag and shoes is outdated and aging. Too matchy on that nude accessories and denim look.

  12. Hi Ladies, Greeting from Corpus Christi Texas I loved this video. I am turning 56 next month and I am really trying a more classic look. I normally do classic when I travel so I don't have to take a lot of luggage, but I'm just want simplify things lately. This was perfect!

  13. Thx so much for helping out with some basics! I am not a big denim fan on me, but I did finally find a few that have some stretch so I am more comfortable when moving. I do have and love the button down white shirt! Reminds me of Ralph Lauren looks/ clothing. * Ladies, do you have a way to wear black and white, but not look like I'm working at a restaurant? ( nothing against that job, I have worked as a server, etc. Pays the bills:) also, any ideas where to get somewhat affordable shoes in size 12 much appreciated. I'm 5'11" Again, thx so much for your positive, fun attitudes:) 💗 from Alaska

  14. I can't seem to get the "tuck" right when doing that half-tuck. Can you demonstrate how you get it to look so neat and effortless? Mine never looks right and takes too much time.


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