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Okay, so I requested you guys over on Instagram to ship in a few of the most memorable and iconic tumblr posts you bear in mind for me to recreate some outfits inspired by them, whereas nonetheless attempting to maintain them in pattern for right this moment. I took to the inspiration board and thrift retailer and I took inspiration from every thing – daisy tumblr, academia, grunge, swag and even justgirlythings…

Euclid farms floral store –
Check out all of the outfit footage right here :

0:00 – Intro
1:03 – Monday: Indie Floral Aesthetic
6:10 – Tuesday: Soft Grunge
10:04 – Wednesday: Just Girly Things
16:46 – Thursday: Swag
21:45 – Friday: Academia
28:23 – Outro

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FILMING LENS // 24-105mm –
LAV MICS // x2


Edited by: Nick Liske & Justin Abalos

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  1. I'm so jealous of those Levi's .I've been wearing Men's Levis since I was 15 and My Son got them when he was 13 and then I got them back and j still would be wearing them today .We had made a trip to My Home town and when We returned ,everything in Our apartment was gone ,EVERYTHING .The pice officer said that these people pull up in a moving truck and just take it all and tell neighbors Your moving .Since none of my neighbors new how to reach me it was easy for them .They take it all and go through whatever they can bsell and those the rest .All my pictures all my 2 Kids things ,everything .My Son had fishing polls he'd had since he was 4 all gone .I still don't have the Levi's I had r my collection of clothes from over the years but my Levi's were not replaceable like so much to that was taken .

  2. At the ripe age of 30, skins was and still is one of thee best programmes ever made, it was so relatable and unrelatable all at the same time ….. skins Stan !!

  3. As someone that survived uni thanks to studyblr, I gotta say the final outfit strayed a bit far from the "traditional academia" fit you'd find tumblr feeds. Still, great outfit nontheless!

  4. I definitely clicked on this video because I thought Kelsey had dyed her hair blonde. I have been out of the loop for too long!

  5. I'll admit during just girly things when you were trying to like rip and cut the lace off I was concerned that it would be a mess because you didn't have a seam ripper. When you knew how to thread a bobbin though I realized you're underselling yourself. When there are basic sewing skills like later on turning a blazer into an outfit and knowing how to hem things that's basic sewing. Better than my very basic sewing too

  6. I LOVED your wrap trench coat/ mac!
    It was so hard to wait for the video to be done.
    I gasped when I saw your cropped/ corset top.
    Please, find a use for that coral skirt part of the dress you worked with. A simple shell or tank shaped design would be versatile.
    Those colors on you looked…magnificent!
    03:55, Sunday 20 March 2022

  7. I think the video was great and you made some cool fits! That said, I think that a lot of them rely on having a skinny/small size…I’d love to see doability on outfits, that look great on all sizes, and that doesnt require a single blazer to be the sum total of an outfits fabric

  8. When you're hoping to make a skirt out of something g of fixed length – get some extra wide elastic and use that as the top band. You can gain a couple if extra inches and don't lose as much in the hem either

  9. Taking the shoulder pads out of the blazer ruined it. πŸ˜” made it look too baggy on your shoulders. You could see where your shoulder ended and 2 inches further where the sleeve started.

  10. Great effort woth the corset top and coat. Next time you could try folding both the raw edges inward and just top stitching over top then you will have nice edges on both the inside and outside. Sometimes the fold over hem method you used is abit bulky, doesn't stay down flat and can be itchy too.

  11. You guys, amazing work! Please can you make the vid's a bit less R-rated? This made and impression of a family friendly channel, and it's interesting enough to so many people as is, you guys really do it all.

  12. The last outfit, the jacket was awesome but the skirt looked a bit too… amorphous, maybe? It needed more structure, I think, and didn't really say academics or even business, it was way too short. It looks fine but it doesn't match the vibe, imho

  13. In USA, AZ Savers said they won’t be reopening their fitting rooms… I get it I worked retail, but as a shopper is sucks. Goodwill has them open, but about a year ago when they weren’t I was told off for trying on clothes in the store so I just left.// I wear tighter clothes to just make my own fitting room with a random mirror/my phone and no one cares.


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