Nova Oasis

This is a video I initially made after I was contemplating promoting the bike. I rebuilt this bike after a backbone harm left me unable to elevate my left (shift ) foot. I struggled with clutch modulation with my restricted motion skill so I added the centrifugal clutch. Surgery has fastened my again however this bike continues to be nice to trip. Couple notes , I had ordered some gun components from spike tactical earlier than I made it, so after I say I obtained the clutch from spike industries, yea that was a mistake. It is a Rekluse clutch, nice firm. The shifter is made by led sled customs, one other nice firm.


  1. Bikes are fun, I owned two in my youth but with age comes the virtue of experience. Get on a bike today you just could easily end up dead, missing a limb or paralyzed.

  2. Nice… I like what you've done with this bike. I used to have an uncle that put a centrifigal clutch on his chopper that he built from a Triumph Boniville, it was pretty awesome back in the late 70's or early 80's, he has since passed away, but I never forgot that bike, and I would eventually like to do something like that on a custom build myself. I remember he had trouble dialing it in or adjusting the clutch so it would engage and disengage at the right RPM of the motor, then he had more trouble when he tried to govern how quickly or gradually the clutch engaged or disengaged. It took about 3 to 5 years tinkering with it on the weekends to get it to where he was finally satisfied with it's operation. I hope the auto clutch your using was easier to install and use than the centrifugal clutch he was using. I remember thinking how cool it was dispite the problems and frustration he was having with it.


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