Hello everybody!

Today I’m making an attempt this tradition lipstick Printer from YSL!
Would you utilize this? Or do you suppose it is pointless?

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  1. Please ignore my eyelash about to flap off my face πŸ™πŸ»πŸ–€ also, a lot of good points are being made in the comments about this product! Also I don’t know why I kept saying grey, when I already said black and white πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ–€

    1 – a lip palette is a lot more affordable… and there’s a lot more choice of colour!

    2 – to make this product truly print custom lipstick shades – it would need all the colour cartridges an average printer has….. but that would be a huge machine.

    People are also asking if you can mix and match the cartridges …. For some reason.. I didn’t try this sorry! I’ve packed it up as I’m moving house, but will try it asap! πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

  2. So basically they should have just invented an app with known lipsticks to direct ppl on what & how much to mix, which comes with a mixing palette that has wells embedded in it in order to provide a form of standardized measurement…bc that’s where you get the value and consumer experience and specialized knowledge and recommendations and unique capabilities… I mean that color wheel is fucking dumb

  3. I wonder what Robert's insights of Go Play Cosmetics LipKit 2.0 would be. They share the same concept with this one but they actually have the basic colors needed for you to make different shades of lipstick, similar to how a printer works-ish.

  4. If they put black white in it,you can custom those shades they already did on the market by simply take a picture of that lipstick. And this is not the result a corporation like YSL wants 😁

  5. I personally think that the Go Play Cosmetic Lipskit 2.0 is better, because it has the primary colors and, even though you have to press it to dispense the colors, the variety is much better.

  6. For Β£250 it's a bit shit not gonna lie…it would have been better to have been shipped with primary colours instead of colour groupings like red, nudes etc because if they shipped with the 3 primary colours you could literally make anything and have a full colour wheel that would have been way more impressive.

  7. There's a similar product to this by Go Play Cosmetics, except that one has Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White. It's also more compact and seems like it costs less. Tina Yong did a review of it, so it looks like a lot more shades can be created with that one as well

  8. Omg I feel you I hate color on my lips to . And my teeth aren't like they use to be . So I just use gloss and if anything I would use brown lip liner and a nude lip. Red with a lot of black liner in the past . Purple with a lot of black liner now and then .my goto baby nude pink with some brown liner or just chapstick . Wild cherry my favorite . Smfh so I do my makeup like you Robert. Crazy cool eyes and everything else simple . With my stamps on my temples and cheeks. I always would put nail art gold or silver stickers back in the day on my cheeks like a tear drop and now I use stones and stamps .

  9. I had picked up some pigment to make gloss and everything was red and pink it's supposed to be coffee color but no. They did add a White it would be better if it was also a black , But I really wanted brown.


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