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All Natural Makeup Tutorial:

Color Blocking Nail Tutorial!

Colorblocking On The Blog! Howto and Celebrities!

Mini Colorblocking OOTD and Lip Plumper Review:

Out To Lunch Blue and White OOTD:

Nautical Summer Stripes OOTD:

Red, White and Blue OOTD:

OTD Fail!:

Whatsup with the Mononucleosis Voice?

OLD Perfect Red Lips Tutorial:

Runway Trends! Pulled Back Hair:
Runway Trends! Bright Red Lips:

Forever Lasting Manicure:

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  1. @caramelaxd Thank you lovely!!! I'm 5'11-6'0 🙂 your so lucky you're the PERFECT height! no hitting doorframes in heels! lol 🙂 You can lok confident in any height by just rolling back your shoulders!! 😀 try it!! i used to be really self concious and slouch when i walked, but i kinda just embrace and now even accentute the awkaward height. Work it gogeous 🙂

  2. I absolutely love your style. I'm a boy and love watching your videos and take all the things into account and throwing them into my own wardrobe. You are practically dressing me this summer :))


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