My HONEST opinion of a number of the outfits worn by a number of the BIGGEST males’s fashion YouTubers

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  1. Why not just let men wear what they want? Who cares if a guy has two more rings than what you think he should have. I've never seen someone with lots of accessories and been as judgemental as you are. With all due respect the way a guy dresses should be up to himself and not someone else. All in all who really cares?

  2. I agree with a lot of what you said . Slim fits are a classic that will never go out of style . But today we have so many more fits and different silhouettes to play around which are trendy , stylish , more comfortable and show more personality . Every outfit in this video was kind of the same . Maybe it was put together but it was sometimes boring . Men should dress for themselves and be confident . Yet again there is nothing wrong with a bit of insight . But you don't have to wear only one style . You can do baggy , slim , skinny , 90's varying from the situation . ( P.s Please review the new Tim Dessaint outfits . His style has changed a lot and I have learned a lot from him . ) ✌️

  3. If you listen to to her pointers you are just going to to look like a hipster guy. The whole point of fashion is to express your individuality through your clothing. Following all these rules you are preaching like you have to wear this with that and never with that only makes everybody end up dressing and looking the same. All of the looks you liked taylor toward one type of look. Just saying.

  4. Where is the proof that she works with celebrities? A picture of an Asian stylist with Rami Malek and random magazine covers doesn't mean those are her clients.

    Sorry she lost credibility with me.

    She should just say men's stylist.

  5. You mentioned matching pants color with shoes colors for people with short legs. What about the white sneakers you talked about often? Does that mean short people should avoid wearing white sneakers with dark wash jeans?

  6. It kinda hurts to see Tim thrown in with those guys in the thumbnail. His approach has always been much more positive, creative and fashion forward than anything on those men's fashion channels (I'd have to say this one as well, sorry).


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