whats up everybody in the present day I search the complete web grailed eBay depop amazon and ALL buying platforms to search out the CHEAPEST streetwear/ excessive finish mens style fashion swag outfit Magnus working.

love you

particular thanks to Owen Hyatt for the thumbnail @owenmhyatt


  1. Hey I like your style of outfits, very cool. We’re you wearing a hoodie underneath a sweatshirt at the start of this video? Also I have two pullover hoodies, one Navy and the other White so the colours compliment each other and their fit isn’t baggy, could I wear these two hoodies when it’s really cold out ? Like would it look ok? And I am experimenting with my style of clothes just now as you probably can tell, how do you match two t shirts together ? I like that layering look a lot. One final question I have is should I get dungarees? I have never worn any before and I’m interested in how they look. Sorry for all the questions 😅Thank you 🙂


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