buying outfits with the grayscale & color inverted filter on!
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  1. It’s funny, in the Chinese culture, men do not wear green hats. There is a Chinese saying of green hat, means the guy have gotten cheated on.

  2. Bring back the long intros! 😀 And that first outfit was not bad… I thought it was pretty adventurous and artsy! Second outfit made you like you are from a 2000s Disney show! The last outfit was my favorite. I want those platform sandals.

  3. OMG! First of all… the extra last outfit is everything!!! love the simple pink with the fun daisy flower shoes! Like its a picnic date outfit <3 Or something like that, fits you in every way! And well i have an idea. In the second outfit the pink pants still do match with the hat, if you use the bright green tank top from the 2st outfit I think it would look amazing! And soooo Springy!! hahaha like a modern Flora from Winx kind of outfit (btw… thats another idea, outfits inspired by the Winx cartoon <3) And the bear bag matches perfect with the amazing skirt! just have to look for a any pastel color top to complete the look and yeah, you should do like new outfits with this pieces and others that you already have to make amazing outfits! It would be so much fun!!! Well… anything & everything you do is fun an amazing :3 Love youuuuu Good week 🙂

  4. You should do buying outfits only based off of reviews!! like have your mom or someone open up a bunch of tabs from different clothes, scroll to the bottom, and have you decide what you want only based on reviews without pictures

  5. go back to long intros pleeeease! I love them, and I like getting little life updates in the long intros and whatnot. idk what people are thinking complaining about them

  6. You should have a member of your family pick a way to style one bold piece like those pink pants or animal print top. I feel like you could get a lot of different options since everyone would style it a different way

  7. Mia how do you do the phone thing on youtube? Or to anyone. like we can see you shop, Id like to do this to some videos in the future but don't know how..

  8. please do the same thing with makeup!!!! i would love to see! i love your channel, I've been watching your videos for about 4 years now, keep going and have a great day! you're amazing 🥰🥰🥰


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