What is enterprise informal model? Can you put on denims in a enterprise informal workplace? What footwear do you have to put on? This in-depth information has the whole lot you want to know to look and really feel nice on the workplace (or wherever that has a enterprise informal costume code).


What is enterprise informal? 00:16
History of enterprise informal 01:35
Outfit concepts 04:22
Business informal footwear 05:48
Are denims enterprise informal? 06:50
Business informal errors 07:30
Casual Friday’s 09:05

Full article w/ outfit concepts: https://www.themodestman.com/business-casual-style/

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  1. The more a company tries to enforce a dress code, the more I want to rebel against it, especially when a strict dress code does not make sense for the company, or the division for the job in that company.

  2. Hi I have a question, I have a University Etiquette Dinner, the dress code is business casual, so what should I wear? I am planning to wear a bottom up and a v-neck sweater and the suit jacket, and bottom with khaki pants and dress shoes, would this be fine? I am just confused.

  3. Hi! I'm looking forward to work on men styling. Is there any online course you would recomend? Thank u!! Love your content.

  4. I wore a thick sweater over a white dress shirt and some khaki jeans I knew I looked terrible but that's all I had lol I bought a suit recently so it won't happen agaim

  5. The auto business where I will start working soon has a black polo uniform jeans and shoes are okay. So I’m looking into how to make that more professional than casual.

  6. Anyone else see these 5 pocket pants in various colors with the softer feel and stretch? Calvin Klein and Banana Republic is where I've seen them. They look nice so I think they're business casual?

  7. I am today declaring the end (or death) of the Business Casual BS! It's been such a long time that business leaders dress down on purpose to show they are cool, different and against the institution, the Black Turtle Neck being one good example. So the whole world seems to have forgotten the art of dressing up, all the niceties about great cutting shirts and suits, and discriminating accessories like a good Swiss mechanical watch and maybe a couple of cufflinks. Men DO look best in suit with tie and a pair of nice leather shoes. Now let's get back to the era of elegance. Fxxk that stupid plastic Apple Watch that is no more than a mini iPod (who needs to constantly measure his heart rate or see how many steps he has walked???) , and throw all those jeans, polos and Black Turtle Necks in the trash! Enough is enough.

  8. I would say this is geared more towards the intern and entry level only. The mid level guys that I see are generally trying to separate themselves and want to give off the β€œI have 2 indirect reports under me and I can get away with being a little more relaxed” vibe. Ha!

    And although I’m not really your target audience, I dig what you’re trying to create. Looks like you’ve had a goal, came up with how you’re going to achieve said goal, and have been executing the process. Your content is narrow enough to be focused and understood while not being pigeon holed so to speak.

    My guess is that you’re putting all your effort into your channel and no longer work full time in an office setting? If so, will your content mature, as if you’re moving up the corp. ladder, or will it stay at the intern to junior level employee? Instead of Banana Republic you’d be shopping Theory or Ted Baker. It’s just a higher price point, obviously. If you’re used to wearing $600-$1000 shoes, it’s hard to go back to a $100-200 price point. God that sounds snobby. Didn’t mean that.

    Anyway, great channel. Also, if you’re looking for a great β€œbusiness back pack,” try Timbuk2. I think they are out of San Fran or Venice and they have messenger bags as well.

  9. I think you are off with the no Polo rule. Definitely the main business casual look. I work at a big accounting firm and every is in nice dress khakis and polos. Alot of the life science clients I work at are jeans and polos and that's their business casual.

  10. I think you can not wear a suit jacket with jeans, because the cut of a suit jacket is very very different from a sport jacket , it is not a matter of color of casual

  11. Great advice as always, Brock. Thanks.

    Small caveat on the backpack:
    It may indeed be one of the least stylish options for sharp-looking work wear. However, as soon as a colder climate (below water freezing temperature) is to be considered, especially if one travels without a car (walk, public transit, etc.) and has to carry substantial amounts of items (documents, lunch, etc.) for more than 15 minutes, it starts to unfortunately look like quite the compelling option.

  12. Good video! I'm surprised you didn't take a shot at the tiring overdone outfit for business casual, khaki chinos with a solid light blue oxford – Yuk!!

  13. The business casual guys I see wandering around the local PwC branch all do black slip-ons, black slacks and plain blue poplin shirts with no layering no matter how cold it gets. They're so averse to blazers that I wonder if there's a rule that only executives can wear them

  14. You said "six types of business casual shoes" and listed five types. Brogues are not a separate form factor like the others. They are just a type of styling on oxfords and derbies (and bluchers, and sometimes other shoes but hopefully not because that usually looks bad).

  15. I like a tucked in polo with chinos and brogues. I have an athletic body shape and I just gave up on finding button up shirts that don't need LOTS of alterations, so for me polos are a yes..

  16. I haven’t watched videos for a while and today I watched this video and I must say that pls cut your hair short. You look so much more handsome before with short hair. Pls don’t do this long hair.

  17. Nice video! You inspired me to check in again with β€œ1st-gen” business casual of a sport jacket (navy blue gab, plain buttons), microplaid shirt, fitted twills, and Alden wingtips. I’d add to what you’ve said that a sport jacket and proper shoes, as one’s β€œtop” and β€œbottom,” do so much to pull together an outfit, the jacket especially. It forgives a lot too.

  18. Despite the casual wear to the office, one should always keep in mind of hygiene. I have encountered many would not put the effort to shower and assume body spray or cologne will cover BO.


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