BIGGEST TARGET SPRING FASHION TRY ON HAUL 2022 | *All new Finds* | Run To TargetπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ 10+ Spring outfit seems🌸

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My Stats
Small/Medium in tops & clothes
6 denims
Size 6 sneakers, measurement 7 In boots
5 ft. 1in.

All Links are in outfit #’sπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ˜€
Outfit #1
Pink tie dye sweater cardigan L $24.99
Mom denims Walmart 7 $17.98
Pink braided heels 6.5 $34.99
Tweed beige flap purse $35
Chanel Inspired Shein earrings 14k gold plated $4
Outfit #2
Oatmeal colour loungewear sweater S $24.99
Mom denims 7 $17.98
Black quilted flap purse $35
Brown fake leather-based with Sherpa lining sneakers 6 $7.99
Gemstone Earrings $9
Outfit #3
Oatmeal colour loungewear sweater S $24.99
Oatmeal colour loungewear jogger pants S $24.99
Brown hiker boots 5 $20
Brown crossbody bag amazon $29.99
14k Gold plated Tennis bracelet Shein $6
14k Gold plated Tennis necklace Shein $10
Chanel Inspired 14k gold plated earrings $4
Outfit #4a
Blush Pink cropped prime L $4
Mom denims 7 $17.98
Black with rhinestone sandals Walmart 6 $17
Cow print purse amazon $$25.99
Gemstone earrings $9
Outfit #4b
Blush Pink cropped prime L $4
Green velvet joggers Walmart S $12
White braided heels 6.5 $35
Tweed beige flap purse $35
Outfit #5
Neon inexperienced cropped prime L $4
Mom denims 7 $17.98
Black rhinestone sandals Walmart 6 $17
Satin copper colour purse $14
Gemstone earrings Walmart $9
Outfit #6A
Pink cropped prime L $4
Mom denims 7 $17.98
Medium measurement tote bag Walmart $7.99
Black rhinestone sandals Walmart 6 $17
Gemstone Walmart earrings $9
Outfit #6b
Same outfit completely different bag (leopard tote bag H&M $30)
Outfit #7
Black cropped prime L $4
Mom denims 7 $17.98
Beige coronary heart print cardigan $20
Black braided heels 61/2 $35
Leopard tote bag $30
Tennis necklace 14k gold plated Shein $10
Chanel impressed earrings Shein $4
Outfit #8
White cropped prime L $4
Pink οΏΌ gingham print maxi skirt amazon M $25.99
Cream braided heels 6.5 $35
White small bag amazon $29.99
Gold tennis necklace 14k gold plated $10 (extremely advocate 😍)
Chanel impressed earrings shein $4 (my favourite)
Outfit #9
Olive inexperienced cropped prime L $4
Mom denims 7 $17.98
White Sherpa lined Walmart sneakers $7.99
Houndstooth black & white Chanel impressed purse amazon $58
Outfit #10
Black moto leggings S $18
Oatmeal beige colour loungewear sweater S $24.99
Brown fake leather-based Sherpa lined Walmart sneakers 6 $7.99 πŸ’•
Leopard tote bag $30

Toddler gold boots $12.50
Pink toddler boots $7.50
H&M leopard tote bag $30
Other Patterns
Blue palm bushes
Small leopard tote bag

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  1. Love those pink sandals. I would have to keep them all!! How do you keep your heels looking so good?? Pedi's or do you do at home yourself? What products do you use??

  2. I'm so late watching this video and wow , everything is amazing! The pink sweater you're wearing is beyond beautiful, I need that sweater, love pink LOL. And the braided heels, so perfect, yes absolutely keep the cream pair because cream or white can change the look of the whole outfit. Annnnnd we need options girl LOL. Great haul, thank you Fibi!!

  3. That first pink sweater was made for you Fibi, it just brightens your pretty face up! I loved that knit jogger outfit and the boots you paired it with was the perfect touch, just a skosh edgy. Nice haul.

  4. You look stunning today. You are one of the few people I have seen that could actually get away with shaving your head. Your features and bone structure are stunning! Makeup is beautiful too.

  5. πŸ’Ÿ Hi, I really enjoy shopping at Target except for the fact they my store has cut back on cashiers which makes it very inconvenient. Anyway, that pink cardigan looks like a hand knit sweater! So sorry, but it's hard to advise you on whether or not to keep those cream strappy heels as I'm a shoe addict & would love to have every color!!! I enjoy your Target haul thanks!

  6. I wish I liked the color pink 😩 lol
    that first sweater looked amazing on you 😍
    You look extra pretty 😍 today !!

  7. Love Jen, she so fun to watch! 🧑 Try putting a loop knot in the leather part of the strap on that brown bag. I love all the colors in the sandals and if you like the cream and don’t have a problem with paying for them, then keep them. I think there a bit to high for me and not sure I want to spend that much. Those boots won’t keep her warm if they get wet, I would spray them with a water repellent spray.
    Love that tote bag, but don’t use them. 🧑 God bless you too! 🧑


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