I hope you already know it is a joke, additionally thanks to everybody who makes enjoyable of the best way I look- this video is for you

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  1. Hey carolers! For everyone asking, I make all the jewelry I wear in my videos. I am launching my jewelry website in August 31st so sign up for newsletters and discounts at http://www.shopspicygirl.com Please help me be the next Steve jobs and beat Elon Musk with my net worth. follow me on Instagram @carolinericke if you want.

  2. You are not ugly! And you don’t need to change yourself. Your mom is also really wrong for calling you ugly. Yes you may be the weirdest person I’ve ever seen on YouTube, but your prettier than me.( Plus I’m 11 and am actually fat)

  3. In 5th grade this girl pushed me down the stairs at school and the counselor asked her why and she /actually/ said "if u didn't have bad teeth, a middle part, glasses, and bad style and weren't ugly I wouldn't bully you" so I really need 2 watch this video 🙂

  4. OMG 4 MORE DAYS UNTIL YOR WEBSITE LAUNCHES! i love your jewelry and wear it like a lot so i’m super excited to get some new stuff!!

  5. James Charles mentioned you on an inside edition interview ! He says he's been watching your vids obsessively, and that you're beyond funny. Idk if you knew so just putting it out there


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