2018 Back to faculty haul with my finest buddy Mac-attack. Here are 5 of my killer outfits for again to faculty, and this outfit is perfect for…

1st outfit: Mickey Mouse outfit
– Mickey bodysuit from Zara
– Denim jacket from buffalo at Hudson’s Bay
– Denim skirt from Zara

2nd outfit: Nike outfit
– Nike crop high from Hudson’s Bay
– Nike shorts from Hudson’s Bay
– Nike footwear from footlocker children

third outfit: Superhero outfit
– Men’s marvel high from perpetually 21
– Men’s Jeans from Zara children
– Shoes from doc Martens Canada

4th outfit: Fancy outfit
– Skirt from Uniqlo children
– Bodysuit from Zara children
– Coats from Zara
– Shoes from mother’s closet

fifth outfit: School Girl outfit
– Checkered costume from Zara
– Blouse from Zara
– Maroon boots from Zara

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