Let’s check out 22 actual males who showcase the variety of traditional males’s fashion: https://gentl.mn/best-dressed-men

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→ Scriptwriter: Jack Collins
→ Camera & Editing: Chris Dummer
→ Visual Supervisor: Preston Schlueter

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00:00 Best Dressed Men (*22*)

Everyone wears clothes and though garments are initially sensible to maintain us heat, at the moment, they’re much greater than that. Clothing can signify our persona, our values, and naturally, our private fashion.

Typically, in terms of best-dressed lists, they’re filled with film stars, musicians, and different well-known figures similar to Prince Charles. We consider that there are many actual males who are usually not well-known who’ve significantly better, a way more attention-grabbing fashion than these well-known superstars.

These are really males that we discover inspiring, who’ve traditional fashion that could be very distinctive and attention-grabbing. These are males in random order as we noticed them:
01:40 1. @crowley_vintage
02:48 2. @maslowso
03:42 3. @dapperclassic
04:30 4. @richards_sartorial_journey
05:26 5. @escobarstyle1
06:00 6. @anglo_and_ivy
06:56 7. @emopotstyle_image_consultant
07:38 8. @akinarishoji
08:26 9. @sugasheed
09:02 10. @taqu_uhi
09:42 11. @armandomadrid
10:34 12. @centralcalisosa
11:19 13. @hiro_uk_music
11:50 14. @taste_of_texture
12:27 15. @bernhardroetzel
13:37 16. @voxsartoria
14:23 17. @iamshufaja
15:02 18. @grimoddelareyniere
16:26 19. @henrikhjerl
17:50 20. @giorgiogiangiulio
18:27 21. @n_foulkes
19:27 22. @styleafter50
20:15 BONUS: @women_in_tailoring

There are so many different actually nice males on the market who costume in a implausible manner. We simply wished to focus on just a few and convey you some that you could be not have heard earlier than.

We wish to do one other video in the future and we might love to listen to from you who you suppose are the finest dressed actual males on the market and why? Please share in the feedback!

21:44 Outfit Rundown


  1. Nice, but dressing like this in a hot country like Brasil, especially in Rio de Janeiro (very hot and humid), is very difficult and unconfort. Even tribunals are not so formal now due to the hot climate (ties are no longer mandatory).

  2. i have 5 suits and a couple of tweed coats, and i just match everything, my colleagues think i have 20 suits.
    best compliment ever
    and thank you for all your work
    much obliged

  3. Mr. Gazette speaks in a rapid, clipped manner – maybe like someone who has not quite overcome stutter – that is sometimes hard to follow. For example he mentions, was it Roberto? Ugonini, but I heard it as 'Goliin' and not until it appeared on screen did I grasp what the name really was. I thought the first Japanese guy was the most stylish of all…

  4. Does anyone know, the proper name of spiral-like scrunchies/rubber bands worn on shirts, around the upper arm area. It was used for sleeves that may have been too long and kept the sleeves in place with these metal contraptions. Basically, instead of altering the sleeve to make it shorter, these contraptions kept the sleeves at an appropriate length of the wearer.
    Do they still produce these? Where to find them?
    Thank you, in advance.

  5. I just want to send a quick thanks, due to your videos I've been able to learn about more brands and people that I've not heard about in the past. My most recent case of this is your video ranking RTR suit brands, With your advice I went on eBay and scored and Oxxfords clothes sports coat for only $30

  6. I think it’s unavoidable nowadays to at least suggest some subtle wokistry, but I think this set of 22 ppl contains more instrumental inclusivistries than enjoyable. It seems to be set up for that reason, more than for the styles. 4/10 for this one

  7. If anyone can help, How do i tell the difference between a foldable hat and a non foldable hat? My hat is flexible in some way but it refuses to roll up and I wanna know if there is a way to tell if its foldable or not?

  8. All of your choices are spot on, especially Nick Folkes. He's a sartorial icon and an encyclopedia of knowledge on such a wide range of topics, from watches to rare cigars to classical tailoring. His sons have fortunately taken after their father as well. I must admit that I am disappointed that Hugo Jacomet was not included though you did mention his better half.

  9. Absolutely love Thomas Farthing. If I weren't a "gent on a budget" my wardrobe would be filled with their stuff and so I'm working on just that.

    It's great to see you covered gents that are actually dressed well and who put a lot into their outfits and are happy to share it across the internet.
    I always take inspiration from these gentlemen and you have shown me a lot more that I could follow so I appreciate that a lot guys.
    You guys truly are the best at what you do

  10. Hallo Raphael. Maybe you should look the way Max Raabe dress. I started watching his videos for his performances with the Palast Orchester. ( Ich bin deutscher Nachkomme ) But soon enough I got impressed by his way of dressing, specially out of stage on his interviews. Absolute classic! Viele Grüsse aus Chile

  11. Could you please do a video about jazz singers, such as Dean Martin, Frank Sentra, and Louis Armstrong. I feel like they style is comfortable and smart casual

  12. Er, it's 'the WHOLE nine yards', Sven, not 'all the nine yards'. Aside from that, this is a fascinating (and refreshingly eclectic) selection of stylish gentlemen (and one lady)

  13. Hey GG! I am from rural Austria, and I was wondering if you guys would ever go a video on Austrian style classic menswear. I was thinking things like Trachten, Loden clothing, or Janker jackets


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