considered one of the hottest teen drama’s as we speak, euphoria has made a reputation for itself by that includes modern costumes and make-up which have wound up influencing actual life developments. even when you have not watched the present, odds are you have seen a few of the outfits and in as we speak’s video we’ll be analyzing the clothes of various character’s in the euphoria universe and the way it pertains to their respective storylines. who has your favourite fashion second?

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cassie 33:12
maddy 40:39

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  1. Maddy’s wardrobe is my favorite 😍 because I also love 2 pieces and perfect symmetry. Her makeup also appears to be very 90’s inspired: my favorite decade for both fashion and makeup!!!!

    Ps, I’m surprised you didn’t mention how Maddy wears fake designer items like LV and what looks like Chanel but isn’t – symbolizing how she yearns to be rich but isn’t yet. At least that’s how I interpret it.

  2. I love your fashion analysis vids btw, i myself am working on fashion stuff and your whole channel is great. Also i was wonder if you thought of analyzing Killing Eve? Villanelle has a relationship with designer clothes (i think that was mentioned in the show) also an excuse to check it out since it's also a great series.

  3. I’m pretty sure Cassies dress she wore to the school dance is supposed to be a reference to Carrie. No pigs blood, but possibly still a metaphor for the abortion she had the episode before

  4. I have a soft spot for Cassie. She’s so pretty, so vulnerable and lost. I love Maddy too, but she scares me a little bit.
    Euphoria is a great show, all the actors are doing an awesome job.

  5. As someone who hasn't watched the show itself, just analysis videos on YouTube, I think this fashion video has let me learn more about the characters and than other πŸ˜‚ great job, especially at pointing out both the best and worse from each character. I can now understand why people are so drawn to this show. I couldn't get into it when it was set in high school, but it makes sense now and as I reflect back into my high school days, it's definitely not too far off from what some of my classmates experienced, while not my own. Kinda like Lexi, I guess. Style wise, Jules is my favorite and what I tried to do back then lol

  6. This show genuinely made me want to wear full high makeup and walk out totally glammed up, therefore I missed the outrageous makeup of season 1, esp the rhinestones. I have a mix of everything but conservative wardrobe, so if i could curate euphoria styles for myself, it would be a mix of Lexi + Maddie with a tinge of s2 alt jules πŸ™Œ

  7. I'm only 5 minutes into the vid so sorry if it's already mentioned, but Bipolar Disorder is also one of Rue's conditions and is very much a factor in her relationship with others, especially Jules, in terms of 'splitting' (i.e. rapidly cycling from adoring her and feeling like she can't live without her, to resenting her and blaming her for everything). Rue also has episodes of mania and cycles from having an inflated ego/superiority complex to feeling completely worthless and burdensome which is also common with bipolar. Just wanted to add because I feel like it's an important part of her relationship with her self/others and how she perceives the world

  8. I watch your videos EVEN when I haven't watched the show or film they are based in because of your incredible attention to detail. I feel like I understand the characters even without watching the show. Great job.

  9. hey! just letting you know that you pronounce alexa demie’s last name as dem-EE, rather than DEM-ee (put the stress on the second syllable) it’s not a big deal but i just wanted to tell you πŸ™‚

  10. hey! just letting you know that you pronounce alexa demie’s last name as dem-EE, rather than DEM-ee (put the stress on the second syllable) it’s not a big deal but i just wanted to tell you πŸ™‚

  11. Jules hands down. I loveddd jules season one style – she hands down had THE BEST style evolution throughout season one and just the best , most innovative (in my opinion) style hands down. What I love the most about her style is how you can truly tell that style is a creative outlet for her, and I've definitely taken some style cues from her in the past. While her style in season two wasn't my favorite, Jules in season 1 inspired me so much and I loved basically all of her looks throughout that entire season.

  12. i like how, although the clothes might be on "shop their style" still feel like costume made and ofak and you wouldn't bat an eye if one of them wore as couture leather dress, at the same time i don't understand how lexi can afford a almost entire miu miu wardrobe, or maddie change her nail with each outfit, and you know that last one because green nail are unmatchable

  13. Im 43 and its so weird, when I was in 10th grade, I wore a scrunchie on my wrist alllll the time, I was always pulling my hair up. I also carried a brush along with my book and notebook for class, girls were always asking to borrow my brush (gross now to think lol) but I noticed all the girls started carrying hair brushes with them as months went on, then everyone was wearing a scrunchie on their wrist. When I started seeing this again, I was in shock! I have pictures from the 90s to prove it! Was this a trend then? Or just in my high school in Massachusetts

  14. I haven't watched the vid yet, but omg i literally lit up when I saw you posted. Some reason yt didnt give me a notification tho. Just know Im def not alone, but your my favorite creator on yt and your channel is so special to me!!! <3 keep up the amazing work


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