7 totally different outfits for a full week of Fall outfits for 2019. Men’s outfit inspiration with some appears by United Colors of Benetton.

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Links for 7 Outfits

Look 1

Shirt Jacket https://rstyle.me/+ruA1vY68r5g0jyOiOs-hzA
Long Sleeve (related) https://rstyle.me/+nz5Gn5Q_Mp3oTLBzcc2U6w
Raw Denim Jeans https://rstyle.me/+0i5C3ixyNLgFNBcWSrUaAA
Sneaker Boots https://rstyle.me/+gXuqmpmiPtnVBW9uqvyblg

Look 2

United Colors of Benetton Jacket https://bit.ly/36vqZep
Grey Turtleneck https://go.zara/2NjtGIj
United Colors of Benetton Corduroy Pants https://bit.ly/2JTDIxD
Tan Suede Sneakers https://rstyle.me/+43KIefC-NrisvsBsyNL-Fg

Look 3

Navy Bomber Jacket https://rstyle.me/+jjb0qfh3hU1x7e0sMFuvGg
Cream Nasa Hoodie https://rstyle.me/+YkPmigf3MLgl3KWqTAvVJA
Light Colored Jeans https://go.zara/2Ce6pRA
Navy Converse https://rstyle.me/+IEYGUzH-v9CaxVoS2KA5kg

Look 4

United Colors of Benetton Coat https://bit.ly/2WKpzIp
United Colors of Benetton T-Shirt https://bit.ly/2ri25Ph
United Colors of Benetton Chinos https://bit.ly/2WM8xd5
White Adidas Sneakers https://rstyle.me/+MWSDOPwGy_mA7GZa_bP02Q

Look 5

Grey Overcoat https://go.zara/32jEryo
White Sweater https://bit.ly/2POvnPC
Black Skinny Jeans https://go.zara/2qnel0s
White Sneakers https://rstyle.me/+43KIefC-NrisvsBsyNL-Fg

Look 6

Corduroy Trench Coat https://rstyle.me/+rXugsmyBMRyGyUwt8GxlLQ
Waffle Knit Long Sleeve https://rstyle.me/+I8p3ouG3RMxGOlhXMGVeyg
Tan Chinos https://rstyle.me/+8UQzOEI0crMHWVAB9i-Oyw
Brown Boots https://rstyle.me/+AtcS_jEkwCAnQxrcJbfLIA

Look 7

Navy Trench Coat https://rstyle.me/+-pGMxN2dSDGfvIPA7wTUlA
Navy Sweater https://go.zara/33kUE87
Denim Shirt https://rstyle.me/+bYqzyCn3lB-B2XKwgZ122A
White Jeans https://go.zara/2JQ7bZk
Navy Sneakers https://rstyle.me/+43KIefC-NrisvsBsyNL-Fg


FTC: This video is sponsored by United Colors of Benetton


  1. Seeing those converse boots almost made me die. Literally bought a pair of the black ones online this morning and am getting them in a few days. Thank you for opening my eyes to that beautiful silhouette, I’m so excited to get them!

  2. Just think how much waste all these Brands you show create, or the awful working conditions..the cheap labour.. just for you to get "sponsored". As consumers we need to get out of this eternal loop of buying cheap/unethical clothes that will probably last for a year… we create a huge problem to both our society and the planet.

  3. I found the looks of the pants super well presented in your video to be elegant, and especially the inevitable chino of the male cloakroom, it's simple, it is worn with everything and all the time.

  4. I love this channel so much. I'm getting more confident with my tastes. I'm learning new ideas and vocabulary. Instead of dreading a trip to the mall. I'm starting to develop a passion for this art… and I'm starting to get more loOks. Thank you

  5. Would love to see you do more streetwear outfits. How to style Jordans, how to rock plaid pants in streetwear,.. Looking forward to more content!

  6. Hey Marcel, big fan of you way of dressing and ideas. Everything looks great on you. But ohh god, you look dappiest when it comes to monochromatic combination which started from 5:25. If possible, please make outfit inspiration video of several monochromatic looks. Big fan!!


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