A camel coat is so basic and stylish it actually could make each outfit look fabulous. In this video I’ve a great deal of outfit inspiration on methods that a camel coat may be worn within the fall & Autumn.

If you keep watching till the tip I even have a BIG thank you for you all.

I’m sporting:
White Blazer UK https://bit.ly/3hT3Ac0
White Blazer US https://bit.ly/2QCv5dR
Satin Top UK https://bit.ly/32yRgbu
Satin Top US https://bit.ly/2HQdnPJ
Earrings http://bit.ly/2UmC76w
Dupes http://bit.ly/3beM1zv
Watch https://bit.ly/3bTsRA6
Black Bag ( proven all through) KIM STAMPATTO 11” https://bit.ly/3bUf7oh
Neutral Bag AVA CROCO 11” https://bit.ly/3bUf7oh
(Right) Nude Shoes https://bit.ly/2C4XiGb

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My Camel Coat (all through) Zara – final season
Camel Scarf / Shawl https://bit.ly/35CQz0k
Watch https://bit.ly/3bTsRA6
White Shirt https://bit.ly/32VIROz
White Shirt https://bit.ly/3e4cyRk
Nude Boots https://tidd.ly/338Kus3
Red Bag UK https://bit.ly/2Zx95pM
Red Bag US https://bit.ly/2Rw9uEt
Camel Coat 1 https://bit.ly/3mnzWy4
Camel Coat 2 https://bit.ly/3kpdUcN
Camel coat three UK https://bit.ly/2ZCeqvQ
Camel coat three US https://bit.ly/2FFFB1A
Camel coat 4 https://tidd.ly/2ZErot4
Camel Coat 5 https://bit.ly/3bYbQVU
Camel coat 6 https://bit.ly/35Q4ZNx


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  1. Glad you didn’t give up! I’ve been watching a very long time and love how you get straight to the point and have loads of pics to inspire!! Congratulations on 100k—you deserve it!!

  2. Aww, you can't give up! You're one of my favorites! There are not many channels for women over 40 that area affordable and don't push high label designer clothes. We NEED you! Now just find a great way to monetize so that it is worth your while. Love you Gemma.

  3. 😁 Woohoo!!! Its trench coat season!!!! Those late night & early morning cool autumn breezes are the perfect time too put on a light trench. I have a brand new double breasted camel 100% cotton trench coat I am looking forward to wearing, along with another new 100% linen nude blush/pastel pink colored trench (no buttons) but linen belt ties at the waist! 😁 both sophisticated and different. I haven't began wearing them yet, in the chilly mornings I've been wearing sweaters with my skirts to stay a bit warmer but soon enough here I'll begin wearing some of my trenches.

  4. Hi Gemma, thank you for continuing to make videos & sticking it out. I only found you a couple of months ago and now can't wait for an upload! I honestly believe this is just the beginning for you because this channel is for any woman at any age and any economic status. 💙

  5. Since I live in central Florida and can't wear a camel coat, I'm very glad I can have all these looks with my classic, tan trench coat! Thanks for all the tips and congratulations on 100K+ subscribers!!

  6. I’m so thankful you didn’t give up on your channel, it’s a go to for me now! You’ve helped me figure out what my style really is, something I’ve known all along but got lost for a few years! Thank you so much for your content. You are truly a class act!

  7. I pick up and drop fashion channels all the time. Yours is the only one I’ve always stuck with, the best in my humble opinion by miles (for me anyway!) and I keep going back to look at old videos. I can see how hard you work for us and some of your outfit ideas are lovely plus the fab links to the ideas shown – so helpful!!!
    I wait for your new vids each week and watch religiously even when it’s an item I don’t like and will never buy like a camel coat!!! 😂
    Keep them coming Gemma – you’re great!!!

  8. Gemma, so glad you didn’t give up. I found your Chanel about 8 months ago. You have helped me understand my wardrobe. I dress these days with confidence and I cone back to you if I can’t decide. My sister too is now a great fan of yours. Thank you Marianne X

  9. Congratulations on 100k! I have always adored camel with black or white or red or blue. When I was a teen I saw a Mercedes convertible with a black exterior and a leather camel interior. I thought to myself, “Now that’s a colour combination!”

  10. Whether you choose to stay or leave YouTube, I want to thank you and let you know you are one of my favorite channels. I've learned a lot from you and was able to transform my wardrobe with elegant pieces (that I mostly bought from the thrift store!). With the info you've shared about colors, textures, fit, fabrics and elegance, I've been able to find pieces that still fit my price point.

  11. Congratulations on your milestone! I think you have hit a great balance of choosing one wardrobe item, showing many styling options from social media and styling it yourself. Timeless elegance which flows across age groups. These looks appeal to my daughter aged 30 and me aged 60. Could you have a go at looser jeans? I like the idea and the comfort but am struggling to make them feel polished.

  12. How Fabulous Gemma 100K, well done I am so happy for you xx P.S You are my go to for all my outfit ideas, thank you, I couldn't do without you xx.


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