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*Tratak by Jesse Gallagher


  1. So pretty. I love this. I've wanted to only wear colours I've seen on eucalyptus trees…. Now I'm seeing autumn leaves suit me better…. I want to be lost in the trees!

  2. I have found a couple of slacks that I could live and sleep in. They are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. When I think about them, I can’t wait to wear them. But they are black. I can wear them with all my tops but I wonder about denim. I have a pair of jeans I love, but I will always reach for the black pants because they are insanely comfortable and fancy at the same time. How do I pack away my denim? Any thoughts?

  3. I’ve just fallen in love with both your channels. Thanks so much for all the wonderful work. Where is the hat from? I’ve been a searching for hats like that for a while now. 😸

  4. I don’t know if it would be possible, but I’d love to see you create capsules out of your friend’s wardrobes. Similar to what you do for your own but to show how you would style someone who has a different style than you.

  5. Hi Patricia…I'm still here and just catching up with you videos on a Sunday. This new channel is doing really well and is a great starting point for me as I ve grown out my grey hair …oops I mean beautiful silver hair during Covid and it has really changed my colouring in such a unique way…so positive. So I am revisiting my wardrobe gently over the next year ( it's not a priority but an interesting project) and am looking forward to future inspiration on both channels and Patreon. So happy for your creative successes…much deserved.🤩

  6. In Italy sandals with socks are considered a crime against humanity by anyone, but they work sooo so well on you and are very harmonious with your style…! Many many compliments 👌🏻

  7. you have a beautiful wardrobe Patricia. We can really see how you managed to figure out your wardrobe, the colors, styles, silhouettes, etc. Good job! :))

  8. I love earth tones so this video was very helpfull to see, but I am confused about one thing; outfit 8, the silk skirt and the angora sweater, at what kind of temperature would you wear that? I would wear that sweater only if its pretty cold, almost freezing, but then it would be way to cold for that skirt. And the same for the the skirt: i would wear such a thin fabric only if its really warm, but then the sweater would be much too hot.
    Or would you only wear it indoors?

  9. I almost never see people wear metallic anything, so when I see it I always think of you. Which I think is really unique and amazing! I love it. Love your style and your videos!

  10. Amazingly cool outfits, Patricia! And you really show what you can do with combos, creativity and colors. You look great in all of them. I have a very soft spot for your dress. It's so beautiful and looks comfortable. Thanks for sharing! True inspiration👍🌹❤

  11. I'm loving this channel so far for both your advice and for outfit inspiration! My style is a bit different from yours, but I really love how you've transitioned into this earth-tone, almost bohemian vibe with your wardrobe. I myself have really been leaning into the bohemian vibe with my wardrobe mixed in with different colors and patterns 🙂

  12. Outfit 4 and nine are my faves. I really love the pants very much. I used to not like brown tones but over the course of my clothing journey I've found that I really like browns and gravitate to them a lot.


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