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A males’s style video specializing in outfits to put on when it is actually sizzling outdoors. So lots of you stored asking for this, I actually hope I did it justice! Stitch Fix is a superb service to assist with styling/procuring, in sizzling areas in addition to anyplace else 😉

#mensFashion #mensStyle #oneDapperStreet

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  1. Hi, are you fine atm? I feel you were a little bit awkward in the video, like you're missing your confidence. Hopefully i am just over-thinking 😅

  2. Skinny jeans or pants/trousers are for women's. It doesnt look good on a man. Still I don't understand why most youtuber who advocate skinny jeans have more subscriber . Very strange to me.

  3. Wearing a sleeved undershirt looks a lot better than the unsleeved ones. Also neutral coloured ones makes it invisible and blend it with your skin color. I feel you have just committed a fashion crime! Apart from that.. great video!

  4. Could you make a video, where you present your favourite brands for specific clothing pieces? For instance where to buy best linen shorts, leather jackets or so on

  5. More than 50% of my clothing purchases in the last one year have been inspired by your outfits and style!!! Love the fact that your outfits are stylish without being garish and outlandish.


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